October 26, 2010

Tap Tap tap... testing 123

Hello from the land of NEM.  I really do have a million excuses for being AWOL, which include:
     *my son's birthday party
     *hosting a huge bonfire/weenie roast  
     *cleaning my house for said parties, but I really should have waited      until afterward
     *lesson plans for our new school quarter which started yesterday
     *catching up on errands that needed to be done
     *sketchy (at best) internet service
     *baseball games
     *family photo session with the extended family

All of those were within a 72 hour period.  I might be a multitasker, but even the best superheros have a sidekick. And superpowers.


Amber said...

I've been AWOL, too....life is just busy these days.

But I adore superheros. And I adore you, too!!

Tracey said...

Right there with you! Seems my sidekick has left the building...sure would like it they would come back and fix supper.

Hope you enjoyed your Fall break. :D

Mom said...

Sketchy internet???? Just when we are ready to switch?!

I've missed your posts, but life does take precedence!

Miss you! And LOVE you!

Kellie said...

I totally understand! :) Glad you were able to enjoy your fall break. :)