October 27, 2010

The Joys of Boys

In the world of ribbon, princesses, fairies, and fashion that comes with having two older sisters, my little boy has carved out a special place in our hearts that is full of rough and tumble, baseballs, swords, and lightsabers.  We celebrated his birthday this week, by celebrating his favorite past time:  Baseball.  

Several years ago my husband and I decided that we would try to do birthday parties at our house as much as possible.  Firstly, because we want their best memories to be of our home, and more specifically our backyard.  We've been blessed with a large backyard, so we have plenty of space to play.   Secondly, because it is so much more cost-effective.  Birthday parties can be just as fun on a tight budget.  Don't get me wrong, we love being invited to parties, regardless of where they are!  
It turned out to be a perfect day, so we partied on the back porch.  The centerpiece was a tin bucket filled with the party favors.  (Boys don't care, do they?)

 I placed real baseballs (that we already had) along the shelf of the porch to go with the theme.  Oh, and yes, we served junk food.  Na're a healthy thing in sight!  Cupcakes in the shape of baseballs and ice-cream cups.

 I had forgotten that I had already purchased the kool-aid bottles, so we used the cups for cheese balls. :)

 The best part was watching them have fun.  We had a scavenger hunt, played home run derby and a couple of other baseball games; but the most fun they had was just being boys and playing together.  I think sometimes we (parents) get in the way of kids' fun by trying to  plan too much.  And I'm not just talking about birthday parties... but that's for another day. :)


Janet said...

Reece loved every minute of it!

Richella said...

I'm completely with you on birthday parties. We love parties anywhere, too, but we like to host our boys' parties here. And they do remember them!

Sounds like your little guy's party was a home run!

Mom said...

How cute! Your birthday parties are always such fun for all the kids!!! Can't wait to see ALL the pictures.

Amber said...

I love boys.
And birthdays.
And baseball.
And big backyards.

But I do not love the birthday party.
I'll just let you plan my kids' parties, m'kay?

Karen said...

nothing like having boys! I would not have wanted any other way. The Lord knew what HE was doing. I totally agree about the b'day party thingy. Way to go girl! Let them have fun.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

oh how fun, and good word on planning a little less.

a lady in my bible study last week commented on how you never see kids just playing outside anymore and riding their bikes.

a baseball party in the back yard is a fabulous party idea!

Joy for the Seasons said...

With this houseful of girls we have, I will know who to go to if our next little one is a boy! Love the pics.

Kellie said...

We have done all of our birthday parties at home, too. I have never been one to plan activities at the parties... just let the kids play and enjoy each other. They have made the best memories. :)