December 14, 2010

Personalized Garland

 Otherwise titled: When you have nothing better to do
I noticed a really neat garland at a local church on Saturday.  "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords" was typed on brown craft paper.  I couldn't find craft paper on a roll, so I got a little creative.  Besides, I didn't trust my hand, so I needed to be able to trace some letters.

~ a roll of cash register/adding machine paper
~ scissors
~ sharpie pen
~a cute font

I chose Zapfino font because I thought it looked Christmasy without being too formal.  Just print out your words and then use the pen to trace the words.
It's SO easy!
 If you have neat handwriting, a steady hand, and no one to interrupt you, then you don't even have to do the tracing step.  Play around with the fonts and the words you choose. I think using your family name would be pretty, too!

As with most crafts, about half way through you will be cursing me {or getting high off the Sharpie odor}, but stick with it.   You will feel so crafty when it's done.

For a 9' tree, I did 4 separate strips because when it gets too long, it starts to get tangled and tears easily.  I started off using the red marker, but the black showed up a little better.  Once I finished, I realized that it would be pretty using the alternating colors.  There's always next year!

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Katie said...

Making this tonight! Thank you for the idea so cute!!

Diane Costanza said...

I Love this! I think I may steal this wonderful idea and add it to my swags around the house. A reminder of the reason for the season!


Kellie said...

That is beautiful! I don't have garland this year and this would be great. I just don't have the opportunity at the present moment to do so. lol :) Wonderful idea!

Mom said...

You are SO crafty! We looked @ that tree together & I thought, "Nice". You took the thought & "went" w/it!

Richella said...

What a WONDERFUL idea! I have this kind of paper roll right in my desk cupboard. . . and I like lettering! Thank you for the inspiration!

Hope you're having a lovely Advent season. It's certainly cold enough to be Christmasy, isn't it? :)

Melissa @ Breath of Life said...

I'm going to try this tonight. Thanks for the tip!

Bugs and Sunshine said...


allenaim photography and design said...

Love this! I would have never thought of using ticker tape...beautiful!

Kelli said...

Love this. I had seen one with musical notes on it from Pottery Barn and loved it too...but it was pretty expensive. This will be my project for next Christmas. Thanks for sharing. BTW:love all your Christmas decor you shared too.

Jennifer said...

Love this idea!! We'll have to try that next year. :)

ksmetamaid said...

I'm wondering about how you feed this rolled, narrow paper through a printer that feeds by the page. And how you format the file for a long print job. Sorry, I'm not very techie.