May 11, 2011

Almost Done

 My kids have end-of-grade testing tomorrow and Friday.
It's a good thing I don't have Oreos in the house right now, because I'm a nervous eater.
They're not too concerned.
Because if we're honest about it, I'm really the one being tested.
Did I teach them all they need to know this year??  Has been running through my head for the past 9 days.

I can't believe this school year is almost over!  Even on the long days, time flies.  Is your family doing the end-of-year-countdown?  By Friday afternoon we'll be doing the happy dance.  We still have some school days to finish out, but the pressure will be off!


I made these cupcakes for Easter.  The Walmarts had an adorable spring baking collection this year.  Doncha love the little eggs?  They remind me of the flowers that used to hang from the ceiling of the supermarket when I was a little girl.  Remember those?
Have you seen the new neon food coloring?  I think McCormick makes it.  I found it in the baking section with all the other food coloring.  It is so bright and fun!  Green, turquoise, hot pink, and purple.  The cakes (above) only used 2 drops and look how bright and springy they turned out!

I can't believe spring is almost over.  Well, at least in NC.  Mid-May usually brings hot temperatures and humidity (yippy skippy).  We've had a beautiful spring, though!  I think we'll celebrate by picking some strawberries.


Tracey said...

'yippy skippy'..hahahahaha

Evidently, we celebrate the end of year countdown by trying to annoy each other until someone yells. (usually me.)

So.very.done. with school. (not technically...just mentally.)

Praying for you and yours on Friday.

Talysa said...

Our testing was 3 weeks ago. I loathe these tests. My 3rd grader tested for first time ever this year and we get in car to leave first day and he tells me that a little boy kept telling him the answers. I asked if he used them...of course he did. :-/ So after calling to discuss why this even happened with no one noticing, I got HIS answers the next two days..I think. ;-) I try so hard not to put too much into these tests for reasons such as this incident. Plus I have a 5th grader that can read something on paper and be completely confused yet if I verbally ask her she knows it immediately. So again, I will have to pray my way through what comes back on those test score sheets in June and ask the Lord to keep my pride at bay. I know it is a reflection of me and my job here with a degree. There is such a pressure as homeschool moms to "prove" the naysayers wrong I think. Kinda stinks but I know it keeps me humble and aware of my need for Him on this journey. Ps. I NEED one of those cupcakes about now...{fellow nervous eater}

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Gretchen, I've heard lots of home school moms say that testing is really about testing their proficiency as teachers. But that fact that you care shows me "you'll" do fine. Good luck! And I love the cupcakes...make me hungry for icing and sprinkles!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Our posts are on the same wave length today! I'm curious what your summer schedule looks like, this Mama needs some ideas!

Mom said...

The cupcakes were SO pretty! I love those bright colors.

I just think it's so neat that the kids are actually excited about & looking forward to taking the tests. That shows that you aren't letting them sense your anxiety about them. You are a great teacher!

Amy said...

We are DONE......once my oldest homeschooler finished her SATs, I began winding things down. My last few days have been focused on LU graduation.....which is day after tomorrow. *Sigh* How is it even possible that I have one graduating college & one graduating from HS. Yikes! When Monday gets here, I'm just going to completely melt into a puddle & not do anything next week!!!

Kellie said...

I saw on FB where your kiddos did great on their EOG tests. I know how you feel.... your relief afterwards is how we felt after that huge NC Project was done.

Cool colors on the cupcakes! I'll have to check that out since M and I do more of that. :)

Joy for the Seasons said...

Nothing like having a tornado damage your house to wrap up your school year! I had so.much.anxiety about "calling it a year", and my girls had testing 2 weeks later, but God has been merciful with me and given me a peace about it! Glad your kids (or you!) did so well this year. Enjoy the summer!!