May 13, 2011

Friday Night Confessions

1. I have approximately 4 hours alone at home tonight with the house all to myself.  It's a little bizarre how excited I am about cleaning my desk, playing on the computer, baking, and listening to my favorite tunes AS LOUD AS I WANT!
Can I get an amen??

2. I keep trying to remind myself that the chocolate-peanutbutter no bake cookies cooling downstairs are much better once they've come to room temperature.  "Self" isn't listening very well.

3. I felt so proud of myself for cleaning 4 toilets and 3 sinks.  Then I realized the numbers didn't come out right.  Guess what my girls will be doing tomorrow?
No, not math, silly.

4. Remember that educational trip we were planning?  Well, the educational part just got thrown out the window.  Since the gas prices decided to skyrocket, we are opting for a shorter distance trip.  Which may or may not include the world's greatest roller coaster theme park.  It's all for the kids (wink, wink).

5. I am doing the happy dance tonight (while listening to my playlist of choice) because the pressure is off.  My kids completed their end-of-grade testing today and they I passed.

6.While my kids took their EOG's, I had 2 hours to myself at Starbucks.  My plan was to get my bloggy mojo going with several posts and design a new header.  Blogger decided that would be the perfect time to shut down their main server.  All my grand ideas were shelved for catching up with long lost friends.  It's amazing who you run into when you sit in a coffee shop for two hours.

7.I leave you with this little gem.

Hope your weekend is GRAND!!!


Nancy's Notes said...

Gretchen, yeah for you, I know you'll relish every minute of your alone time!! Those pictures are just hysterical!


wendy said...

Are you talking about the roller coasters at Cedar Point? I grew up about 45 minutes from there. Loved. It.

Amber said...

LOVE the picture of M in your header! And 4 hours of alone time at the house.... does it get any better?!

Talysa said...

Nah....those cookies were meant to be spooned off the wax paper if you ask me. :-) Is Nashville still on the radar?

Kellie said...

I am sure you enjoyed your 4 hours!! :)

Kimberly said...

Wish I could have run into you at the coffee heart aches because I miss you all so much!!!