May 6, 2011

Making His Dreams My Own

 If you had asked me 5 years ago about my husband's hopes and dreams the answer would have been very different from my answer today.  Five years ago, we were in the midst of a storm and dreams didn't seem all that important.
But everyone deserves to dream a little.
About a year and a half ago my man started talking chickens.
Chickens were about the last thing on my list of dreams.  Literally.
I bucked it at first, but then I realized that this was the first time he had ever truly expressed a dream with boyish giddiness.

Was I willing to shoot it down just because I was worried about the disapproval of others?
I balked at first, too eager to please other family members over my own husband.

Then one night the Lord and I had a heart-to-heart chat.
Who did He call me to serve?
Who did He give me as a mate?
Had my husband ever balked at any of my dreams?  No, he's always done everything in his power to make my own dreams happen; even at the sacrifice of his own desires.

So I said yes.
Then I had to say it with a good attitude and wild abandon.  (Still working on the wild abandon part, but I'm getting there)

Did I allow a little of myself to die by saying yes to his dream?  Surprisingly, no!
I find myself delighted in his joy.
Do I love chickens?  Not as much as he does, but I'm learning.

After all, it's not about the chickens.  It's about allowing his dream to become my own, which then makes them our dreams.

Does your spouse have a dream for you to discover?  I challenge you to hunt for it and then join the adventure.  You may look back in 5 years and giggle a little.  :)


Richella said...

Good for you, Gretchen! I love the fact that you nudged yourself to share those dreams instead of seeking to escape. And I love that you can now giggle about it! :) Very inspirational!

Kellie said...

Love your new love for the chickens. It really is exciting to get excited over the dreams of our mates. They support us in so many ways and it is only fair that we return the joy. :)

Bugs and Sunshine said...

such a great encouragement and reminder, thank you!

Mom said...

You followed the Lord in pleasing your man over your Mama (yes, I know I'm the family member...) My visions of roosters crowing has been laid to rest & I actually enjoy the "cooing" of the "ladies" (especially since they are on the other side of the yard...)
Isn't it fun to watch those dreams unfold?!
Discovering my spouse's dream of motorcycling turned me from "DON'T EVER EVEN THINK OF GETTING ON A MOTORCYCLE!" to owning my own helmet, jacket with body armor, gloves, & boots so I can ride along with him. I never dreamed I'd do such a thing! But what an adventure! And I really delight that he has a couple of buddies to take the long trips with...

MEEMAW said...

Some wives never learn this lesson and are themselves miserable. I am proud of you for not only standing by your man, but with abandon following his lead--is that a smile I see on the Lord's face? Love you, dixie

Kellie said...

I LOVE chickens!!!

I have actually been trying to talk my husband into letting me get chickens for a couple of years. He very rarely tells me "no" so I am not complaining (too much anyway) but someday....I hope to have my own coop!