May 23, 2011

Choosing Carefully

With two preteen girls in the house, we've had lots of cautionary conversations about the pitfalls of gossip.  We've discussed it in our weekly 6th grade girls' bible study.  We spent part of our summer study looking into the power of words. We frequently talk through the importance of choosing words carefully.
It is a lesson that takes a lifetime to learn.

I live in a bubble of sorts.  I surround myself with caring women and genuine friends.  Nevertheless, I was recently reminded of the destruction gossip can bring.

I stood at a table of used textbooks and chatted with two acquaintances.  Both claim to be Christian women.  Neither had an excuse for what came out of their mouths as I browsed their wares.
They spoke of a mutual friend, not caring that I was standing within earshot.  Grumbling about insensitivity and other annoyances they found in her.
Wreaking havoc.
What is it about women and gossip?
It's relational.
It's about power.
It's about tearing another down to make myself look better or justify my feelings.
The irony?
It leaves a path of destruction on the character of the one speaking.

Oh that I may learn to choose my words carefully.


Tracey said...

Preach it, sister!

Sarah said...

I remember as a teen our preacher saying if you gossip, you are murdering someones reputation. For some reason, that analogy really stayed with me through the years. I can also remember my dad saying "if you are talking about someone and it is in no way helpful to that person who is not there, then don't say it. I constantly have to remind myself of this.

Sandy said...

What a great reminder!

Anonymous said...

my heart's desire . . .
"Let your conversation be always full of grace"


oh, the transforming power of grace embraced. not that i have attained it, but when i take my thoughts captive to grace (w/ IS truth!), those are always moments when i get to behold His glory -- b/c genuine grace doesn't come naturally. its ONLY source is God, Himself.

Lord, may my conversation always be FULL of grace! to overflowing.

- TZ

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Amen. And God help us all...

Bugs and Sunshine said...

well said, sarah's comment is also really good!

a couple of years ago i got convicted even about the words i spoke in the privacy of my own home to my husband about people or situations.

the little rudder called the tongue can steer us wrong in a heartbeat!

great post today!