July 25, 2011


It's that time again.  Already.
Time to keep a schedule.
Time to prepare lesson plans.
Time to watch my little treasures grow their minds.

We start school tomorrow.  How could my sweet babies be this old?  Where did the time go?
How could our summer break be over already??

Yes, keeping a schedule is healthy.
Yes, I am addicted to the school supply aisle.

But I have to admit, I will miss sleeping in and having lazy days.
When does your summer break end?


Samantha said...

Wow already. Mine didn't get out until the very end of June so they don't go back until the tuesday after labour day in and around 7th of september I think. I love the school supply aisle too, I've already started to stock up:) Are your girls twins or are they just really close in age?

Kellie said...

Mine ends in two weeks. I have thoroughly enjoyed this summer. I think I am ready for my schedule again... although not the hectic part. Hope to see you on Thursday when we come to your Mom's!

Tracey said...

August 15th. Later than I've started in a very, very long time.

It's because I'm scared of high school. But I shall be over it by the 15th. Because I'll have to be over it...there's a transcript waiting to be filled out.


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This picture is so cute! Your children look so adorable. I am new to your blog and am glad that I found it!!

heartland farmhouse said...

All 5 of my husbands brothers & sisters Home School or have Home Schooled there children. They usually start in late Aug. or Sept. I think? You guys are getting a head start. Does that mean you get out early in the Spring?


Amy said...

Wow...you're starting back early!! I won't even think of starting school here until I get my BABY all moved in at LU. She moves in on Aug. 18....so the days are ticking away & I'm trying to enjoy my time with her here!!! Say a prayer for me please. I'm gonna miss my Girly SO much!

tarajj said...

Our summer ends on Aug. 17. This school year Griffin will be in 7th grade and returning to public school. I am so nervous for him, but he is not concerned in the least! Kayleigh and Griffin's breaks won't all line up and will find things to do to enjoy alone time with individually.

ImmediateMom said...

We're moving so my daughter gets cheated out of 2 weeks of her typical summer break - she starts school Aug 8th. While I know she's excited about the new school school (and I'm excited about a routine and something for her to be doing) I'm not ready for early morning rushes and evenings of homework under pressure.