July 19, 2011

Dear 16 year old Me

Do you ever wish you could go back in time and warn yourself of a few things?  Here's what I would say...
My daddy brought home 16 red roses to his little girl

 1. Enjoy being 16.  It's a magical age of growing up without having to be an adult yet.
2. You are not an adult.  You think you are, and that you know all about life, but you don't.
3. That boy you think you're in love with?  He's a nice guy, but there is someone PERFECT for you.
4. Don't be afraid you won't find the right guy.  Just enjoy being you and he will find you.

5. That best friend who just "ruined your life" and broke your heart is really making you a better person, ready for new friendships in college.
6. Forgiveness is much easier than bitterness in the long run.

7. Perms are way overrated.  They are going to date you and make your future children ask, "mom, why was your hair so weird and big?"

8. Thank your parents for taking you to all of your cheering events.  You have no idea how much time and sanity they sacrifice for you every. stinkin. Friday. night.  While football/basketball season is your life, they too, have a life.
9. Speaking of parents.  Yours are pretty amazing.  They're trying their best and want the best for you.
10. Oh, and your mom is going to discover your secret stash of Europe tapes under your bed.
11. Don't take for granted the trips they take you on.  It is a sacrifice, but you will remember them for the rest of your life.

12. That cute little body you have?  Enjoy it.  It won't last.
13. Children are the most amazing gift of life, but someone should prepare you a little better for the havoc it will wreak on your perky little self.  Let's just say size A was so nice.
14.  Enjoy your weekly intake of blueberry biscuits from Skats and after-the-game Pizza Hut  routine.  In about 3 years, it's going to catch up with you and you'll have to discover aerobics class at the YMCA.

15. I know you really want a red Fiero car.  They are going to stop making them and then they won't be popular and then you would be driving a car that you can't find parts to it.  But I really don't need to explain all this because you're going to get your mom's red Volvo instead.  It's a great car, but you won't know that until you're in college and meet some granola people who think a Volvo is "all good".  So...
16. Don't trade in the Volvo for a cheap redneck pick-up truck with no power steering.  You will totally regret it.  Your mom's new Ford Probe with turbo boost is much more fun.  But one day your future children will see it and say, "what kind of car is that?!"

17. Enjoy your adorable, pesky little brother.  One day you will look up to him in so many ways.

18. Don't tell your parents you want to be a "young" mom.  It might scare them.  You'll be glad you went to college, met the man of your dreams, and grew up settled in before making them grandparents.

19. I know you are super self-conscious and insecure right now, but you are a beautiful, young woman who will one day be living her dream with her Godly husband and beautiful children.

20. You have a good life ahead of you.  It won't be without tears or hard times but it will be worth it.

What would you tell your 16 year old self?


Tracey said...

"You may have your life all planned out..Be careful to always choose God's plans for you. He knows what's best..and since He is perfect, His plans are perfect..plus, they are way better than you could have ever dreamed."

"Enjoy ice cream, cake, pizza, & doughnuts..someday you won't get to eat them."

"Exercising will be needed..learn to tolerate it."

"Life is hard. It's worth it."

"It's not all about you."

So loved this post! I have a special someone that will be reading it as soon as she gets home!!

Richella said...

Oh, Gretchen, this was fun to read! You are very blessed to have had such wonderful parents. The idea of a father's bringing 16 red roses to his 16-year-old daughter is just wonderful!

What would I tell my 16-year-old self? Not to worry. . . that God hadn't finished with me yet. I was fat and ugly at age 16; it was a very hard time. And I couldn't imagine that things could change. "Sweet 16 and never been kissed"?? Definitely not! But that time didn't last forever. Ugly ducklings can grow up to be swans--or at least attractive ducks! :)

I'd also tell myself that the friendships that seemed to be the be-all and end-all of my existence might not last. . . but a friendship with Jesus would last forever. And Jesus is a very kind, sympathetic, and completely trustworthy friend. So, again, not to worry.

Samantha said...

love this post:)

Mom said...

Brought many wonderful memories, & tears to my eyes...
And you'll be trying this out before you know it with one of yours!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Um, you rock!

What a sweet post!

Guess who else drove a white volvo-wrecked it and then drove a red volvo (sniff, sniff) got rear-ended in that one (black leather seats and sunroof, so sassy and cute)

heartland farmhouse said...

I just found you today throught August Fields & you captured my attention...I read a bunch!
I love your header! I love that you love the Lord! I Love that you love your husband & speak candidly on marriage etc! I love that you're married to a man's man...I have one of those too! :) I could go on & on.
Nice to meet you!
Have a Blessed Day!