July 14, 2011

My Newest Addiction

If you love looking at home ideas, this is the thing for you.  I just stumbled upon Houzz a couple of weeks ago and can't stay away.  It's the Flikr of house ideas.  Imagine thousands of neat room ideas all in one spot.  It's like having all the best pictures from BHG, Traditional Home and House Beautiful lumped together in a big ole pot of chocolate.  Well, you have to provide your own chocolate, but seriously, it's that good!

You can easily create your own idea book.  As I scroll through the pictures I just click one little icon and quickly add it to my collection of ideas.

Not only that, you can make a quick little note about what you like in any photo.
For example on this photo I said, "cool backsplash."
inspiration contemporary laundry room

And for this photo I simply said "EVERYTHING!"
Mud Room traditional laundry room
traditional laundry room design by minneapolis architect Charlie Simmons - Charlie & Co. Design

I like looking through other people's idea books to see what  tickles their fancy.  We don't all like the same thing, but that's what makes life fun.

So...  if I didn't get you addicted to some new apps from my last post, here's another shot at filling your head with another time-waster beautiful ideas.

Is this site new to you or do you already have an idea book?  If so, I'd love to see it!


Lacy said...

LOOOOVe this site! Totally addicted and think my idea books need to be organized...I have so many pics saved. I love the two you posted and am going to check out your idea books. Hope your well. Miss chatting with you!

Kellie said...

Girl, you know I keep things the same way forever so I don't necessarily think to get idea books. However, I do enjoy looking at the different ways people design our "ordinary" spaces. :) Great link!

Valerie@chateaualamode.typepad.com said...

Oh that looks like fun and probably addicting for me :) I'll have to try it out.

Laura said...

I have officially been on this site for 2 hours straight...thank you :)

Coley said...

I've heard of it but haven't checked it out...yet. I might just have to do that tonight!