July 8, 2011

Happy Craft

When I first saw this craft on Meg's blog back in May,  I squealed and called my girls over to the computer and said, "let's make this over the summer!"  

I have high standards for crafts:
1. It has to be pretty.  (And I'm picky.)
2. It has to be fairly easy. (Less mess is best.)
3. It has to be finishable. (Is that a word?)
4. It has to be fun (and worth the effort.)

This craft met all of my criteria.  Yay!

The first night of my Summer Bible study I found out that we were going to make that very same craft!  Whoohoo!  We spread it out over a few weeks to allow time for the paints to dry n' such.
Because I cannot stand to start a project and not finish it am task oriented I was able to finish my project this week.  Out of 20 ladies, three of us stayed on task and finished.  Call me unsociable.  I call it done.  :)

When I brought it home my girls were even more excited to start their own pieces of art.
Isn't it fun?!


Amanda said...

Totally LOVE this! Very cute. Where are you going to put it in your house?

Norma said...

It is beautiful!!!

Amy said...

Cute! Lots of possibilities for variations.

Tracey said...

Love this!!

Kellie said...

I so love this... and Mikayla girl would LOVE it for her room. I'll have to check into this!

Mom said...

With all those colors, you could use it anywhere!