September 28, 2011

What's White and Round?

I've had a hard time getting my fall mojo on.  Maybe because it still feels like the Amazon rainforest here in NC.  But alas, the trusty weatherman tells us cool temps are on the way.  
Since fall is my absolute favorite season, I decided to just pretend that the air is crisp.  :)

 Acorns might be one of my all time favorite shapes.  I have several acorn Christmas tree ornaments but I didn't have any fall ones.  I found these beauties at Kohls for 50% off.  My one fall purchase of the year.  I love them in a glass milk bottle.

A little fall goodness to grace the mantel.  Nothing like a couple of bags of mini-gourds from the Dollar Tree !

Last year I purchased two of these gourds on sale at Micheals.  Can you tell which one is real?

Yes, it's the one in front, lovingly grown by a friend.  It's actually a squash of some sort, but since I don't eat squash I thought it would make a perfect fall centerpiece.

 A little sprig of fall near the front door.

 I have a thing for white pumpkins.  They seem so soothing and fresh.  I found these at Walmart for $1.50 each last year.  So yeah, I'm a little strange (but you already knew that).
White pumpkins and acorns = happy girl.

I haven't purchased any mums yet.  Have you?
What's your favorite fall item?


Tracey said...

Amazon Rainforest!! Isn't that the truth. I stopped venturing outside until this nastiness breaks...I've loved every bit of summer, but the humidity has worn out it's welcome.

I love all things fall. White pumpkins, purple ones, I love them all.

Nothing like ending a blog comment with an unintentional rhyme..a lame rhyme, but still. ;)

The Corbett Family said...

You have a gift of making things look beautiful while keeping it inexpensive and simple. From yourself to your home you are a version of simple elegance in every way. Love all the decorations!

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

I love your fall decorations! So fresh and clean and earthy. You've inspired me!

Mom said...

Love all your white pumpkins!!

Kellie said...

Fall decorations? You mean I need to change things up a bit? Hmm.... probably it will be the picture I change and a few fake pumpkins in something. I honestly haven't had time to process that. hahhaha!

Angie said...

Hey, that gourd is a butternut and it is delicious! You should totally bake it. Really good with butter and brown sugar or roasted with olive oil and thyme or rosemary.

Love your blog, btw