September 13, 2011

When Plans Change

For the last 12+ years we have spent Labor Day weekend with my family in the NC mountains, celebrating the end of summer.  A few years ago my parents started a new tradition with their friends at the beach.  With my brother enjoying married life and my parents at the beach we found ourselves looking for a new way to celebrate the long weekend.  We decided to use the opportunity to share the mountain experience with friends and make new memories.  For the past three years we've had three different families join us. It has been a fun way to practice hospitality and give our kids a new kind of memory to cherish.
This year we experienced record heat and since the mountain house has no air conditioning, we needed to look for something cool to do.  The little town nestled in the hills doesn't have much to offer as far as entertainment, but we decided to try the bowling alley.
Best decision ever.
It was old, but well maintained.  The balls were wobbly, but hey, at $2 per game we didn't complain.  The kids thought it was the best thing since sliced bread, once we put up the bumpers.  

After cleaning out the local Dollar Tree's glow stick supply we were ready for some evening fun.
We got parents-of-the-year award when we allowed the kids to stay up late and roll down the mountain in the dark with glow goggles/wands/swords.  I'm sure the dinner party next door enjoyed the light show, complete with shrieks of laughter.

No trip to the mountains would be complete without a hike.  This time our hike was a quick one due to flying ants that decided they owned the top of the mountain.  We graciously surrendered to their authority.

  I never made it to the river, which is my FAVORITE place to be.  I'm sad that I allowed the summer to slip by without getting in the kayak, but plans change and I think we made the best of it.  I'm so thankful for the chance to enjoy God's creation, especially the hilly part! :)


Mom said...

Knowing the neighbors, I bet they DID enjoy the light show complete w/shrieks of laughter!
And there's still time to go kayaking on Falls! It's even better when it's a little cooler.
Glad you enjoyed your mountain experience! Love you all!

Angel said...

Our family had made huge plans to drive from the Midwest to Washington state, but then plans changed and we found ourselves financially strapped. We had our moments of woe as we pined for the kayaking trip and horseback riding we did not get to do as well as the smell of the ocean. After some time, my husband told me he still felt the need for a vacation so we went to God about it. With His guidance, we planned a car camping trip taking us to Tennessee's Civil War sites and into the mountains of Virginia where we hiked the AT once again. Yes, our plans changed, but we were blessed with petting wild ponies, hiking the mountains, and intriguing interpretations of our nation's past (which I counted as homeschool hours:) All in all, we found peace through change and the guidance of a loving God who knew our heart's desire to bond on a family vacation.


Bugs and Sunshine said...

That sounds like the most relaxing fun weekend!

you are such a great mama!

Kellie said...

What a great trip! Glad you had a great time with your friends. That is some cheap bowling! LOL