April 27, 2012

Friday Catch Up

We've been on spring break this week so I took a little break from most of my responsibilities.  Hello, mountain of laundry that greeted me this morning.  Wowsa!
Speaking of mountains, we headed up to the mountains for most of the week.  The same cold weather that joined us at the beach for Easter decided to follow us up the mountain.
We even saw blustery snow flurries.  Good thing I like cold weather!
While we were gone for the winter, the mice decided to make themselves at home in the mountain house.  They decided that my bed was the perfect place for a nest.  Um, yeah.  Mr. BugsBeGone was a welcome sight!

This is one of my favorite sights in the little mountain town of West Jefferson: the only cheese factory in NC.

As we prepare to move (one day...) I have kept my eyes out for "one day" deals.  We're really not spending anything on fluff stuff right now, but I couldn't pass these up:
 Curtain panels for $2.16 from Target.  Yes, I splurged and bought all three.

 Apparently one of my children was offended by the name of this cake:
 Never a dull moment.  Ever.

A friend of ours is opening a new go-cart track and mini golf center.  He asked us to come be his business guinea pigs.  The kids spent an hour riding the carts, and another hour playing golf for free.  It was such hard work!  ;)  Needless to say, we acquired some cool parent points.

I don't know about you, but I have such fond memories with mini golf (we always called it Putt Putt growing up).  Every time we went to the beach, my brother and I talked my parents into it.  My husband and I usually play when we have a weekend away together.  We've even played on a cruise ship and in Mexico!  Isn't that funny?  I doubt my kids realize that we have kid fun, even without the kids!

Happy Weekend!!!


Bugs and Sunshine said...

cracking up over the devils food cake!

have you ever baked a devil's food cake, topped it with a tub of cool whip and stuck it back in the fridge to chill?

it is the most yummy desert ever!!!and if you have fresh strawberries, put them on top of the cool whip!

Anonymous said...

praise the Lord, you're back! not just home, but to your blog. it was a long week without you :)

you are a trooper with that cold weather. i would have whined. the entire time. and what is up with mice in your bed? again, i would have whined. the entire time. from a hotel.

and we still call it putt-putt :)

Kellie said...

Those cows at West Jefferson weren't painted like that when we were there a year ago. They are adorable. I love that cheese shop. :) Glad you had a great spring break! Yikes about the mouse!

Anonymous said...

what? i did NOT comment as anonymous, thankyouverymuchblogger... that was me up there, Gretch :) so glad you're back!