April 16, 2012

Humble Pie and Housekeeping

Good Monday Morning to you!
I'm wishing I was back on the beach watching my kids fly kites.  How about you?  Are you dreaming about a fun place?  Oh well, I'll just enjoy the memories.  :)

So here's the humble pie:
Last week I shared a link to a Lego book that I spotted at the bookstore.  I flipped through it, but didn't carefully read it.
Parental fail.   Blogger fail.
Thanks to a reader, I was mortified disturbed to find out that the book is totally inappropriate for kids.  DO NOT BUY it!!!!  Apparently it takes all the sins in the old testament and glorifies them in Lego form.
What kind of sick-o does that??
This was another sad reminder that Satan is prowling after the hearts of our kids.  He is pretty stinkin' good at being a deceiver.  The book looked fun.  The book looked like something my child would enjoy.  I should have looked into it better.  I apologize for sharing it with you without better investigation.  Sigh.
Forgive me?

A little bloggy housekeeping today, too.
A few weeks ago I removed the "word verification" form that you had to fill out when leaving a comment.  I want to make leaving comments as easy as possible.  Unfortunately, I've received tons of spam comments as a result.  Soooo, I had to put that little extra step back into the comment process.
If it seems confusing, check out my "how to leave a comment" on the sidebar.
The comments around here have been pretty sparse, but I'm just guessing you've had a busy spring. :)

Yep, Mondays aren't always fun.
BUT now that I have the yucky stuff out of the way, it's time to start a beautiful week!

PS. We have another showing for our house tomorrow, so I'd appreciate the prayers.


Katie said...

O my word so sorry to hear about the book :(
Hope your Monday is getting better :)

ashley said...

I am halfway laughing and halfway shocked about the Lego book! That sounds horrible! Glad you didn't actually buy it and hand it over to your son :) Love your spring blog look, if I haven't told you already!

Thoughts for the day said...

wow what a thought, a bad lego book??
this is a crazy world we live in.

KR said...

I got sucked in to that too once. And it is indeed sick o. It's a sad, sad commentary.

Kellie said...

It truly is sad that you can't trust books by what they are on the outside of something you "trust" your kids using or playing with. We had something similar happen this past week with a book we bought for Mikayla. It just wasn't the sweet, innocent horse book we originally thought. It is quite frustrating!