April 28, 2012

Right Now I Am...

Thinking: About how amazing my husband is.  I've become a wee bit cynical over our house not selling, but his faith and positive spirit has endured.
Avoiding: The dust bunnies that used to be under the couch that we just moved.  Now that they are in plain sight, I have to think about them... but I'm too busy enjoying our new-to-us couch, thanks to my brother and sister in law!

Listening: Our 11th book of the 39 Clues.  hmm... each book is about 6 cd's which means we've listened to 66 hours of this series since September.  Whew!  The kids love it, but I'm ready for... closure!

Drinking: Coffee.  It's cold in our house today.  Nice outside, cold in here.

Watching: Duck Dynasty.  Have you seen it?  Cracks. Me. Up.

Wearing: Sweats, of course!

Eating: Greek yogurt with honey is my current lunch of choice.

Wishing: I was a morning person.  We just don't seem to get along.

Feeling: Grateful for my precious family.

Missing: The freedom to do random stuff/crafts/seasonal decorating to my home because of it being on the market.

Craving: Real, European hot chocolate.  All 3,648 calories of one cupful.

Thanking: The inventors of Keurig for their brilliance; and my parents for giving me my very own.

Wondering: Why so many women are wearing low cut shirts.  It's not just a teen issue anymore.  As my friend's mother says, "Girls, put those puppies back in the doghouse!"

Praying: That I will be a light to others; especially those I live with and see the "real" me on a daily basis.

Celebrating: My husband's birthday today!!! I love you, Sweetie!


Kellie said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! I am right there with you on putting the puppies back in the doghouse... just don't understand that need of freedom. :)

the bennetts said...

Gretch, your posts, especially this one, make me want to come curl up in front of your fireplace and sip coffee with you :) (even though your picture looks like you're at jubala???)

hope your husband has had a wonderful birthday- i love how much you love him and celebrate him! so encouraging to me as a young wife.

Bobbie said...

Goodness I LOVE greek yogurt with honey. Have had quite my share of it for lunch. I put frozen mixed berries on it that are slightly thawed. decedent.