April 3, 2012

Bunny Hutch 'n Such

Last spring my son became the owner of  a precious baby bunny.   She was so tiny that her store-bought cage dwarfed her.  But as the seasons changed, she grew.  It was time to expand, so we decided to build her a new home.
When I say "we" it really means I said, "I want it to be cute" and then my smart man did his magic.

He made the door big enough to be able to reach in and clean it easily.  She has soft hay to burrow in for sleeping, and a nice open screened "porch" to enjoy the weather.
Daisy has enjoyed every moment in her new digs.  She's such a sweet lil bunny!

Now she and Luna can hang out together.  Sort of.  Unless rabbits are put together as babies, they usually don't get along with other rabbits.  Turns into a cat fight, I hear.  

Below is a picture of Luna's hutch that my man designed and built, too.  It has two doors, for easy access.  Click here to read about how we almost lost her to a fire.
See that yellow thing in her cage?  That is a banana.  Our bunnies LOVE bananas!   Isn't that crazy?!  They also love lavender, apples, and of course, carrots.

We {"we"} were building these on a budget, so all of the materials used were left over from previous projects.  To tie the two together aesthetically, we painted them to match. Meaning, of course, that I picked out the paint, and the boys did the work.  I love this system!


Richella said...

A screened porch for a bunny. I love it!

I, too, like the system of picking the colors and having the boys do the painting. Makes sense!

Kellie said...

Adorable. :) Love these!