March 21, 2011

Big News Round Here

1. We added to our brood this week.  Our little guy has been asking for a pet of his very own.  We took him on a surprise visit to the Tractor Supply Store and he chose Daisy.
This picture makes me weepy.  
Adorableness all the way around.

2. Starbucks has a new logo.  Have you seen it?
I like the simplicity of it. 

3. My kids tried a Slim Jim the other day.  Can you believe the size of this one?
It got 1 thumbs up and 2 thumbs down from the kids.  I actually like them, if I don't think about what they are made of.  Shudder...

 4. My sister-in-law challenged me, back in December, to run in a race.  I don't like to run, but the idea of a goal that would help with the booty jiggles was enough for me to say yes.
Even though 8k is peanuts to many of my runner friends, it was a big deal to me, being my first run, evah.

5. We finished!  
Right after the race, showing off our shamrock medals 

Last week my 11 year old asked for prayer for me, that I would win the race.  I quickly told her that I wasn't trying to win.  "Okay, please pray that my mom doesn't have to go to the hospital."  Cracked. Me. Up.

I'm pleased to announce that we didn't win, didn't go to the hospital, but we did finish, making better time than we planned.
Big news!


Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Congrats to finishing the race! You rock. And I love Slim Jims, but never eat them. They remind me of family outings to the local department store. We'd always stop at the 7-11 afterward and get sodas and slim jims. Those were the days!

Amy said... I LOVE, love, love that little bunny!!! Too cute! We have an absolutely HUGE bunny named Jonsie. I'll have to post a pic for you.....haven't posted any of him recently.

Kellie said...

Daisy is too adorable. :)

Slim Jims... I eat them on vacation for protein. Yeah.. I don't look at what is in them, either.

I am impressed with your 8K. I will be doing good to finish a 5K at school in less than a month. lol :) We'll see..... Great job!

Sandy said...

That little Daisy is so cute (& so is her boy!)

Starbucks cut back on their logo so they could raise their prices... just heard about it yesterday. You know, simplicity makes you want to come back... LOL!

So proud of you, my girl!!!

Tracey said...

YAY for you! So proud of you. And here you were, all secret squirrel about the training runs.

Love the bunny. Love my free Starbucks coupon I got the mail. :D

Angie said...

Yeah Gretchen!!! Awesome job. How bout a half marathon??? There's one in May in Cary...

Alisa said...

2 Thoughts...

1. L-O-V-E the Bunny!

2. You are totally my hero! Every time I've even entertained the idea of running in some kind of "run" I've turned up pregnant.:) No more excuses for me now. I really should hit the pavement!:) Way to go, Gretchen!

Kimberly said...

So proud of you!!!

Amber said...


You are my hero. First for running. Any distance at all. Because I check out after 3 minutes on the treadmill. Second for adding creatures to your brood. I've somehow managed to convince my kids that our state passed a law against pet adoptions until further notice. (I'm a horrid mother...) And third, because you noticed the Starbucks label, too. Because these things matter.

xoxoxoxoxo friend.