March 9, 2011

Sa-weet Suggestions

I have a major sweet tooth.  You can keep the salty (unless there is salsa involved).

My amazing husband came home with these:
The skies parted and the angels sang.

Aren't they adorable?
The best part?
No guilt
They are snack size, so they fit perfectly in my freezer door.  Please don't ask what the other items are.  I have no idea.  Random, organized chaos?

Sa-weet #2 for today involves coffee, so get your mojo ready:

Last week I was standing in front of the dairy creamer section and I had to apologize to the lady behind me for taking so long.  There are SO MANY good choices!  I was not disappointed with this little number.

Lastly, the fine makers of all things candy-related have stocked the shelves for Easter.  I'm not a big candy girl, but I do love some chocolate.  These are so melty-fine!

What is your favorite Easter candy?


Elizabeth said...

I just checked and the Skinny cow yumminess you got is not available in my town, but the sandwiches are and I think I need some. Tonight! I recently discovered chai latte flavored creamer and it is the best ever. And I don't like candy much either, but the gummy bunnies are addictive. We have 4 bags!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Those Skinny Cow ice creams are SOOO cute and fun!

Kellie said...

I may have to check out those Skinny Cows...

My favorite Easter candy would be the Reese's peanut butter eggs. I could eat the WHOLE BAG.

Bobbie said...

Its Girl Scout Cookies time......

Jennifer said...

I just found a new brand of coffee creamer I had never many choices!! Yeah...I have a sweet tooth, as well. Will look for the skinny cow. :)