March 26, 2011

This and That

 1. We enjoyed a week of gorgeous weather here in NC.  This is what school looked like for 2 days:
 It was serious business.  Well, as serious as you can get when it is 80 degrees and the birds are deciding the playlist of music.

2. As we begin the descent of our second year of homeschooling, I am realizing that my friends were right when they warned me of curriculum overload.  We switched grammar/language books in January and I am still considering a new science route since the other one remained on the shelf for most of the year.

 3. Since my science mojo has long been forgotten, I decided a field trip to the NC Zoo would count for Life Science.  Right?
(A super fun day with our buddies, the Moores)

4. If the zebras, snakes, and flamingos weren't enough life science, the baboons decided to give us a detailed anatomical education.  And a desire to purchase PreparationH.
 5. I ran into an acquaintance while there and she snubbed our need for a field trip, while she openly admitted pulling her kids out for the day to play hooky.  Hmm....
I just smiled and remained pleasant.  At least she wasn't wearing moleskin.

6. I'm not usually addicted to tv programs, but this season's American Idol is making me very, very happy.  There is so much incredible talent, that I will probably be happy regardless of who wins.  Personal favorites?  Casey, Paul, Lauren, Pia and James.  See?  It's win-win!

7. My mom took us girls on a shopping spree last night.  I mourned the fact that we made purchases from the Juniors department.  Sigh.

8. I know my blog suffered this week, but I chose to spend extra time outside with my kiddos.  Good mommy points are more important than blog statistics.

9. My daughter found a wedding photo today and said, "you guys were so thin and young!"
Forget the mommy points.

10. Since the weather teased us for the past week, we decided to do the spring clothes-switch-out.  Today the high is 49 with tomorrow being 42.  What does one wear on a very cold spring day?  I must say, it is a fashion quandary.


Angel said...

We too went from 80 degrees to down right cold and yucky. My son signed up for a 10 mile hiking trip last week when it was warm only to go hiking in 4 inches of snow today! He will never forget this hike.

Curriculum overload gets to the best of us:) We just had a homeschool expo in town which required tons of restraint. Science wise, might I suggest Apologia Science? My kids have done all of the Young Explorers series and my older son is now in General Science. We do the General Science lab experiments through a co-op which saves us time and money.


Amy said...

First, I must say the 'Moleskin' comment just about had me spitting a mouth full of tea all over my keyboard! And y'all went to Asheboro?? We lived just down the road a bit from that very zoo for about 10 years!

Kellie said...

It was a beautiful week! Not ready for the plunge into coldness again this week, but I know we'll make it.

We'll be taking a lot of second graders to the Zoo in a couple of weeks. Life Science is all good. :)

Tracey said...

If it makes you feel better...I don't get real with science until the 7th grade. (Apologia General Science)

We were doing the school thing outside this week, too.

Seems like a distant world considering that I'm frrreeezing..AND there's snow in the forecast for tomorrow. ugh.


Mom said...

I'm so glad we found those spring/summer clothes on Friday... for the snow tomorrow. We had a good time anyway, & warm weather WILL come eventually!
Had a great time w/all you girls Friday & Saturday!