March 17, 2011

There Is a First for Everything

Well, I've finally done it.
After celebrating 3 years of blogging and 500+ posts, I have finally received my first snarky comment.

Yesterday's "fashion" post was done in good humor, with the hopes of bringing a smile to my readers' faces.  Apparently I crossed the line when it came to moleskin.

Part of me (the pleaser part) wants to apologize if it came across as too critical.  I truly meant no harm.

The other part of me wants to say that surely we have greater things to fight over for than moleskin jackets.

So, in the spirit of keeping things positive around here, let me just say this:
1. I like to keep things encouraging and humorous here at NEM and I in no way want to hurt people's feelings.
2. This is my blog and if I choose to write about something you don't like, you may say so.
In a nice way.
If you cannot respond kindly, I will no longer post your comments.
3. I LOVE the conversations I have with my readers.  I welcome differing opinions, ideas, encouragement and humor.  I do not welcome snarky-ness.


Richella said...

I got a snarky comment this week, too. Maybe switching to Daylight Savings Time affects us more than we'd like to admit. . . there seems to be an awful lot of grumpiness around!

You're witty; you're kind; you're very encouraging. If you want to be funny, this blog is definitely a place where you should be able to be funny! If anyone happens not to enjoy your humor, they can just proceed to the next blog without commenting. It's so simple, isn't it? And yet some folks don't seem to get it.

It doesn't seem to me that you're ever funny at the expense of another, and any regular reader of yours would know that. You don't deserve snarky comments.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I got so cracked up yesterday because I came home to sample a new Bible study and the intro dvd had a much-loved Bible teacher from the south wearing a MOLESKIN jacket. I couldn't quit laughing. Or take her seriously from that point on. All because of you, Gretchen.

I'm sorry you got that comment yesterday. I've gotten a few in my time and I'm always surprised how much I let it bother me. I know better. Hang in there!!!

Laura Robinson said...

Keep the cute, light hearted posts coming! (I love your deeper ones too, but these funny ones always make me smile!)

I think your fashion no-nos are so cute. I should also stay away from you though because I tend to fit into the bottom-only eye liner user category...whoops! It honestly depends on how much eye liner is left on the stick!
And I also think I tend to wear (and dress my matchy-matchy daughers) in way too much monogram, but what can I say, I'm a southern girl if there ever has been one! I will wear our letters proudly! :) That's probably a fashion no-no for a lot of the rest of the country.

Jennifer said...

I have just started reading your blog...but enjoy your posts....humor and all.

I am sorry that someone left a "snarky" comment. I don't like them on blogs or in person....either way they are not nice.

looking forward to getting to know you:)


KR said...

Snark stinks. Or, snarks stink. Depends on whether snark is an adjective or a noun. Actually, grammar just stinks.

the bennetts said...

snarky shmarky.


the one thing that is hard about being a public blogger- a lot of your readers will have never met you, therefore they have no idea that you would never post something with anything but honorable intentions.

i have met you. i will post here, exactly what i wrote you in my email last week. you have been a Titus 2 woman to me without even realizing it. i get the sheer privilege and blessing to read your blog AND know you personally. your heart for the Lord is the most evident thing about you. well, you know, once you get past that beautiful smile.

don't let the comment get you down. that would give the Enemy a foothold, and that is a big no-no. you continue to post as you see honoring to the Lord, and everything will be just fine. snarkers can just go do something more beneficial with their time.

Amy said...

Amen, Sister! Don't let it get you down. *Big Hugs*

Amber said...

My fave thing is your reply to the snarky.


I adore you. Oh wait...I've told you that already!!

Kellie said...

Well, as I read that, I kinda laughed because I honestly think I own a pair of moleskin black pants for winter. LOL I enjoy your humor as you know. Keep writing, friend. :)