March 15, 2011

Kitchen Happiness

I wanted a rug to go in front of my kitchen sink.  I wanted a pop of color.  I wanted to go a little funky.  But I am very practical.  It had to be machine washable.  And soft.  And inexpensive. 
I had searched many stores for the perfect rug, and yet it was sitting right under my my computer.  CSN has a HUGE variety of everything rugs.  This chenille rug is on sale right now for only $19!  It is washable and comes in other colors if orange doesn't make you happy.
It makes me happy every time I step up to do the dishes.  Well, as happy as one can be with a sink full of dishes. :)

Remember my dilemma trying to decide between a cutting board and a new baking sheet?  Well, you helped me decide!  Thank you!  I ordered this Nordicware commercial half sheet.  It even comes with a lid for keeping things fresh and safe for travel.  I love this sheet.  It is big enough to fit 2 dozen cookies or two loaves of french baguettes.  Because of the 1' lip it is perfect for making granola or bar cookies.  
One of the things I love about CSN is their quick turn around time.  They don't waste any time getting the orders shipped.  If you need a little kitchen happiness, check them out.

You might even smile while doing a sink full of dishes!


Bugs and Sunshine said...

you've got that kitchen SPARKLING!!! that is better than retail therapy i tell ya!

Sandy said...

Fun & pretty!

Laura said...

Love the orange! Its my favorite color and paired next to your light blue is perfect. Thanks for the review on the baking sheet, I've been looking for one that size.

Kellie said...

Great items! I'll have to check out CSN.... never been to that site. :)