May 15, 2013

Serving Beyond

Some years Mother's Day floats by unannounced and easily forgotten.  Don't get me wrong, my kids and husband always celebrate and treat me like a queen for the day, but this year the celebration took on a new dimension.  Service.  I had the privilege of serving the women of our church at our first annual Mothers Day Tea.  I had been asked to take care of the tables, which was like asking Charlie if he would like to taste the chocolate in the factory.  I had so much fun creating centerpieces and finding all the components to a festive, girly table arrangement.  Finding enough for 200+ ladies was challenging but rewarding.  

 The week prior to the event I was sure my new neighbors thought I had lost my mind.  After all, who spray paints 30+ sticks for two afternoons straight?  Crazy ladies on a budget, that's who!
My sweet man even got involved.  The butterfly paper punch proved to be too much for my little muscles, so he brought in his big guns and cut out more butterflies in 15 minutes than I had done in an hour.
I loved seeing all of the fun little details come together.  I know that in the grand scheme of things, matching straws and navy chocolate covered candies are not that big of deal; but it sure was a joy to see the finished product bless the ladies at the event.  

The greatest delight, however, was watching my sweet mom and my precious girls open their hearts and hands in service as well.  In other words, they worked like the dickens!    My kids (and my mom) worked without complaint on Friday as we set up for 4 hours.  On Saturday, my mom and girls helped load plates, fill tea dispensers, and serve the multitude.  We served enough fruit kabobs and scones to make the English proud.

In reality, I was the one who was proud...  the healthy kind of proud.  I was so proud to see my kids not only do what was asked of them, but to go beyond.  When they finished a task, they asked what they could help with next.  They offered others assistance.  
They served beyond.  
It really didn't matter who noticed, because for a moment it was just between Jesus and me. It was a moment that I gulped in the air that a mother needs to breathe.  The life giving moment when a momma sees the fruit of her labor.  It's the sum of all the little moments of investing into their hearts displayed.  
Yes, I have good kids, but let's be real.  They are typical kids who argue, roll their eyes, make poor choices.  Just like their momma.  They don't serve me bon bons (whatever the heck those are!) and ask if they can put away the dishes.  BUT, in the moment of serving others, they went beyond... and blessings abounded.

Mother's Day afternoon looked like this.  The weather was perfect, so I officially took the day off and read a book by the pond with kids' laughter as my playlist.

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ashley said...

This post made me smile! I was so, so impressed by your whole precious family and the way you all served, but especially your girls. You're right... as soon as they finished one task they immediately asked what else they could help with. I adored having them there and getting to know them better. You have countless reasons to be a proud momma. Now, if you'll just start teaching a parenting class, I'll be on the front row :)

Samantha said...

What a beautiful picture of all you pretty ladies. Sounds like a great day.

Amy said...

Wow....way to make me cry this morning. I LOVE hearing stories like this!!

Sandy said...

It was a fun & beautiful day! It also was so sweet watching your girls doing what they love: serving others at church. You done good, Mama!

Bo said...

beautiful and brilliant. I'm stashing this in memory for next time I host women. Thank you!

Joy for the Seasons said...

I was very thankful for your sweet family's service that day! I think giving our kids opportunities to serve outside of our homes is not only good for them, but the blessings come back to us as we see the fruits of our labor in their hearts and hand as they serve others.