May 17, 2013

Friday Fashion

Do you feel like you wear the same things over and over?  I decided to figure out a way to update my wardrobe without spending much moolah.  Window shopping wears me out, but discovering new outfit possibilities online can be so much fun!  Even though I don't have the funds to go on a shopping spree, I can still look for basic items that will carry me a long way.I went on an imaginary shopping spree and came up with these:

Cool Tones for a Cool Day
 I always gravitate to the blues and greens.  They are soothing, but they can also be fun!  A chambray shirt is the new little black dress: it goes with everything.  I already have the shirt, so I'm on the lookout for some green pants/capris this season.

Navy is a Neutral
Whether you are wearing a navy skirt or throwing on your favorite blue jeans, navy can be paired with just about anything.  Stripes are very popular but sometimes I feel like a striped bus when I wear them on top.  I love this shirt because the stripes are bold, but not overpowering . 

Errands in Style
Since I'm at home most days, and yoga pants are the norm, I like to throw on something sassy (but comfortable!!) to run errands.  Pink and grey make me smile.  The other "basic" on my list to find for this summer is a grey knit skirt.  As a nice basic piece, it will get good mileage!

Date Night Dress
A chambray dress is almost as good as a Mocha Frap on a hot day.  The possibilities are endless.  I loved throwing a pop of orange with it for summer.  My daughter has a chambray dress that just happens to be my size.  Sly grin...

Sailing Away

Summer is the perfect time to pull of the nautical look without looking like you are engaged to Captain Nemo.  I love every stinkin thing about this outfit! The cuff bracelet might be my favorite, but that fun bag is a close second!  This outfit is casual, but put together.  Hmm... I think that's my goal most days!

Cool and Comfortable

Last but not least, let's be real.  Most days, I find myself in shorts, a tee, and sneakers.  Who says that has to be frumpy?  I love mixing two bold colors with a neutral (the white tee) for balance.  When shopping for clothes, I rarely buy an outfit for a specific event.  Rather, I try to buy basics that will go with other basics.  Throw in a fun accessory and it becomes an outfit.

What's your favorite go-to summer outfit?

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Sandy said...

This is so cool! Where did you find these combinations? I always need inspiration!