May 20, 2013

Summer ReFresh (without buying a new couch)

  Do you feel refreshed when you walk into your living room?  Do you wish you could create a new space without spending a fortune? Now that the summer months are upon us, you might be dreaming of a light and bright space, but your big brown couch is in the way.

Let's suppose you are starting with a basic brown couch, like this Ikea Ektorp.
Most of us can't afford seasonal couches, so today we are going to see how modifying just a few accessories can completely change the feel of a room.  
Let's suppose we started with this:
The lamp is a good starting point because the base is neutral enough to go with any color scheme.  The shade can easily be changed, but as you will see, it can look fabulous (as-is) when paired with the right side table.

By adding just a few accessories, this winter couch can become a summer delight.
 Shop the house before heading out to buy. Many of the small accessories might be something you have around the house.  If your room is still feeling dark or heavy, try adding a mirror to reflect more light throughout the room.  Your budget may allow for new end tables, but before you purchase, see if what you already own can bring new life into the room.  You might have a small table hiding in the attic that could be painted back to life.

Don't let that old couch get the best of you!  Bring on the summer fun!

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