October 15, 2013

Easy Fall Mesh Wreath

The deco mesh is all the rage right now, but sometimes it looks a little plastic-y for my taste.  I found this roll of moss green on an after-Christmas-sale table last year.  By pairing it with some burlap ribbons, it definitely has a more natural, fall flavor.
 A couple of years ago I made a winter sparkly wreath for my front door using the deco mesh for the first time. Then last year, I changed it up a little for Christmas.
It was okay, but not really me.  Plus, the size was too big and pouffy.  Reminded me of a 1990's prom dress with christmas balls .

So I took it apart and started over for fall.  This time around, I made sure my loops were much smaller.  For step by step directions, click here.

Once the mesh loops were secured with floral wire, the burlap ribbon loops were added to the back.  The finishing touch was a simple bow and some leaves.  I truly love that black chevron burlap ribbon.  
 Yes, simple suits me much better!
How about you?  Do you typically go for the simple, trendy, sparkly, or natural style on your front door?


efulk said...

Aw, I love your new wreath- love the simple, and you are right to be in love with that chevron ribbon- love it! :) Erin

Sandy said...

BEAUTIFUL, as are all the things you create!