October 10, 2013

Permission to Stop

 I envy this little guy.  Well, not the slimy part, but definitely his speed.  The last two months have been constant motion.  Between volleyball, homeschool, extra classes, church, and work my life has been spent in my car and on the go.  I crave stillness.
We carved out a day this week to stay home ALL day (3 out of 5 of us did ... public high school and hubby's job wouldn't go along with my plan).

We could have spent the day working on a history project or digging deeper into math concepts.
But we didn't.
We gave ourselves permission to just do the bare essentials of school to count it as a day and then we headed out.  It was the first brisk day of fall weather and we were itching to enjoy it.
My girl took me on a ride in the woods.  We stopped several times to enjoy the quiet.
Savoring the calm.

 Most of us need time to savor the quiet.  Sometimes we wait for someone else to give us permission to take the time to do it, though.  If you are waiting, I'm giving it to you.  Go.  Find a moment of serenity and breathe it in.  You need it.

 The next part of my day was spent on a hike with my sweet boy.  He knows how to win my heart...
 No, not by flowers, though they were a sweet gift.  His hand in mine without me being the one to initiate it... that's what breathes life into this momma's heart.

Are you in a rush?  Is life squeezing so hard you don't have time to breathe in the moments?  Give yourself the gift of stopping.  It doesn't have to be all day.  You know what you need.


Joy for the Seasons said...

This is beautiful!

Marty said...

I know what you mean! We had a wonderful slow down day earlier this week! It was great!