October 11, 2013

Faces at the Farm

Have I introduced our goats?  We have three pigmy goats on the farm.  One male and two females.  They are small enough that I never feel afraid of them, but large enough to keep hawks away from our birds.  We haven't had them spayed or neutered, so maybe next year we will have baby goats around here.

Meet Chuckles.  He is Mr. Personality.  Always inquisitive.  Usually annoyingly so.  Still very sweet.

Peaches is my personal favorite.  Her little pink nose fits her timid, sweet personality.  It took her weeks to warm up to us.  She is still very shy but such a charmer.

Piper is our other female goat.  She's a sweetie too.  She is the perfect mix of Chuckles and Peaches.  Friendly, but not too shy.  Interested, but not annoyingly so.  Ahem, Chuck.

We recently moved our bunnies into a new home.  It's sort of like a duplex for bunnies.  They each have their own space/food/bed but they can chat through the screen.  We think they are both girls, but we don't want to take any chances and have baby bunnies running out our ears.

Our hens have a new house, too.  Over the past year we have added about 100 hens to our flock.  The original hen house will be up for sale soon.  The ladies don't really use it much anymore.  Our other hen house will remain, but with the addition of more birds, we needed to add more nesting boxes and sleeping (roosting) poles.  I think this little house will have a whole post of it's own.  More details to come...

Speaking of hens...
We've added variety to our flock.

The Crested Polish get a gold star for looks, but they got the short end of the stick on brains. They would totally fit the blonde jokes... if they were, uh, blonde.
We only added a few to our flock.  They are more of a conversation starter for visitors at the farm.
The real workers (egg layers) are the Black Australorps and the Red Stars.
 No, you're not seeing things.  Yes.  That is a duck.  Dolly thinks she's a chicken.  She goes into the hen house each night with her girls.  We've thrown her into the pond too many times to count and she marches her little white tail feathers right back to the coop.

My favorite are the Plymouth Rocks.  I love their speckled feathers.  

 I hope you've enjoyed this little meet-n-greet.
Happy Friday!!


Sarah said...

That was awesome! Loved this post. I love goats...they are basically like dogs or at least they think they are in terms of how domesticated you can make them.
The duck hanging out with chickens made me laugh out loud! Poor guy just wants some friends!
Thanks for the behind the scenes look into your new little farm! Love seeing the house and all the animal pictures!

O Mom said...

this post made me so happy. Just thinking about baby goats and then your duck thinking it's a chicken...too funny! thanks for sharing!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

I see a children's book in your future called Dolly the Duck! Gorgeous pics!

Richella Parham said...

Loved meeting your animals! The goats are so cute; the bunnies' duplex housing cracked me up; but my favorite thing of all is the duck who thinks he's a chicken!

Your pictures are just gorgeous, Gretchen. Really makes me want to visit Willow Hill Farm in person!

efulk said...

What a fun post! Love all your 'family'! :) E