August 9, 2010

ABC store

A few weeks ago I was out running errands with the kids looking for school supplies and educational sundries. We had visited several educational stores and were on our way home. In the spirit of helping mom out, one of my kids piped up from the backseat, "hey mom, we could stop there." I looked around the intersection and didn't see anything that would be of interest to my children. "Where?" I asked.
"Over there, the ABC Store."
Trying not to snicker loud enough for them to hear I said, "Oh that's not a teacher store. They sell drinks there."
"Can we get a drink? We're thirsty" came the reply.
Um no, they sell drinks for grown-ups.
"Whiskey?" asked my 6 year old.
"Like whiskey and a hot bath?" from my 9 year old.
I nearly wrecked the car.

Now before you get all judgy-like, I don't drink whiskey and I rarely have time for a hot bath. Thanks to hours of watching Little House on the Prairie and the Love Comes Softly series, my children have a healthy reference point when it comes to ABC stores. And it got me off the hook for having to explain the ins and outs of hard liquor.
Enjoy your day!


Kellie said...

LOL!!! Love it! :)

the bennetts said...

hahahahahaha! i would have peed my pants THEN wrecked the car. love it!

Karen said...

Oh, the innocence of sweet ones!
Enjoy making memories.

Learning as we Live said...

too funny!

anthonyandbeth said...

LOL! :)

Carpool Queen said...

And this is why we blog.

Sarah said...

So funny!

Amy said...

Cute! My brother used to point out the "alphabet stores" whenever we saw one.