August 31, 2010

In My Garden

It's nearing the end of summer (insert applause and wild cheering), and while summer does have many wonderful things to offer, the heat and humidity seem to diminish my zest come the month of August. So even though I am ready for fall, I will be sad to see my garden put to rest. This morning I went out to pick a few tomatoes and found some surprises.
Morning glories. I know they are a weed, but I think they are one of the most beautiful flowers in God's creation.
Green tomatoes in abundance. See how they've outgrown their protective fence (bottom left of photo). My mother loves fried green tomatoes. Anyone else?

I may have screamed like a little girl when I discovered this scary monster hanging very close to where I had just plucked a tomato. Check out that orange barb! This little monster is the size of my finger and strong. So strong that I couldn't remove him from the plant with a stick! Anyone know what this is? Upon further inspection, I found 3 more of these barbarians. Shivers!!!

Lastly, I found two of these Great Golden Spiders hanging out in the tomatoes. I usually like them because they eat the yucky bugs, but my feelings changed a bit when I discovered the remains of several beautiful butterflies in his web.

I've decided that I prefer gardening when all the scaries are hibernating. I guess I should look into cabbage, pumpkins and Christmas tree farming. :)


Jenn A said...

That green monster with the orange barb is a tomato hornworm. They eat tomatoes and will eventually turn into a moth. You don't really want them on your tomato plants. =) Your tomato plants look gorgeous. There is nothing as delicious as a freshly picked tomato from your own garden! Yeah, I could do without the spiders in the garden, even though I know they are good at catching other bugs. I don't do spiders.... Enjoy the end of your summer!

Kellie said...

We have some white NightShade that bloom on our yard, which apparently are weeds too...but I like them.

That Caterpillar will be a butterfly! We had lots last year.

Joy for the Seasons said...

It is likely some kind of moth caterpillar. We had one, not quite as pretty, on our fence last year that the dogs went crazy over. About as big as yours, and yes--so strong I could not move it with a stick. Yuck!

Richella said...

I am SO ready for fall. . . and yet I hate to say goodbye to long, light evenings. I guess I almost always have mixed emotions about things.

Your photos are beautiful!

Sandy said...

No matter what that worm may turn into... he will clean your vines! I'll set my spray bottle of Dawn & water outside the back door & you can use it to spray them. It won't hurt the plants or tomatoes, but will take care of the Monsters!

Karen said...

Fried green tomatoes, fresh peas, cornbread, and sweet tea. You can tell I'm from the South! I have to admit I saw the morning glorys too in my garden. I thought when I saw them "picture" ... "blog". Still may have to share!
Have a great day!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

haha, that is my black manequin that i model different fashion looks on at my jewelry shows!

you got some great shots this morning, you are getting amazing at taking pictures, those looked professional!

Elizabeth said...

That caterpillar is scary! But I bet he'll be a beautiful butterfly soon.

We have a good friend who's a pumpkin farmer, so your comment made me laugh. He is so proud of his pumpkins, and sells them all over our part of Oklahoma. And I've never heard him complain about bugs.

Anonymous said...

It's also called a tobacco hornworm. It is harmless to humans, but pretty scary to look at. My mother used to snip them in half with a pair of pruning snips! Gross, but effective. The moth (not butterfly) is large and not pretty.
gigi gainor

Sandy said...

LOL, I snipped mine w/scissors, too!