August 2, 2010

ABC's of Marriage

This list was recently shared at a bridal shower I attended. It is a great list for all married women. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

A May your ADMIRATION of him be spoken both to him and in the company of others
B BUILD each other up
C Keep CHRIST as the CENTER of your marriage
D DELIGHT in each other and be DEVOTED
E ENCOURAGE each other. Be his biggest cheerleader.
F FAITH is the key that keeps you together in the storms of life. FORGIVENESS.
G GIVE unselfishly with reckless abandon to the one you love. Be GENTLE enough to need his protection.
H HELP each other be all you can be
I INITIATE healing a misunderstanding
J JESUS is the sweetest name in times of trouble. Call His name and pour your heart out to Him.
K May your opinion always be spoken in KINDNESS
L Keeping the LOVE alive is a lifetime assignment. Remember that LOVE is a choice, not a feeling.
M MANAGE your time so that he will always be your first priority, even after children
N NURTURE a truly good relationship. This means lots of time, effort and energy.
O OVERLOOK an offense and surprise him with an unselfish act of love
P PRAYER and PATIENCE are the two key pillars to a solid marriage
Q Be QUICK to forgive and QUICK to ask forgiveness
S SUPPORT him with words of encouragement and be willing to SACRIFICE for him.
V VALUE each other. Remember men are VISUAL and do your best to look good for him.
W WAIT patiently for the Lord to intervene.
X Desire to be a woman of EXCELLENCE
Y YIELD to him and the Lord will honor you for it.
Z Be ZEALOUS to make your life with him all that you dreamed it could be


ashley said...

this is great - thank you!

Anonymous said...

i really appreciated this, so i was going to send a note to A to ask her for a copy of it, so THANK YOU!
- T

Amber said...

I love being married. I'm sad for all the people that think it's not worth the time and effort.

Love the list.

amber waves of grain said...

Thanks for sharing... this is wonderful!

Jo said...

I should print this out and keep it handy for those less than perfect days. Have you ever heard about ABC dating? My husband and I have given it a try ~ something fun and out of the box.


Jodee Leader said...

I enjoyed reading this list. Thanks for posting it!

3LittleByrds said...

I love this. I think I might frame this and put it on a nightstand by our bed. Thanks.

Carpool Queen said...

Resist revenge. That made me laugh out loud because it's oh, so true!!!

AnNaRicHiE said...

Very Nice Ms.G.
Would it be alright to copy it?I like to share it to my friends.thank you.

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Great advice! I'm going to put it into practice right away!

Gretchen said...

Great list. Very convicted when I first saw it at your mom's blog b/c I was being a crab. Guess what? Turned my attitude around. :)