August 27, 2010

The Wedding!!!

The Happy Couple
August 21, 2010

My beautiful new sister-in-love

Just before the ceremony

My beautiful princess
Like her dress? Can you believe we found it on Amazon?!

My precious mom being walked in by my brother

A dance with my daddy ( one of my favorite photos from the day)

Me and my manly man (vavavoom!)

Check out my girls' hair! They looked like angels.

My little man cut the rug with the bride... he surprised us all by not holding back when it came to dancing.

Three generations

Chocolate Dream, Raspberry Fizz, Orange Dreamcicle,
Snickerdoodle and Key Lime Cupcakes!

It was a beautiful day, with no issues. The Lord provided for every detail.
We rejoice over this beautiful union!


Mich said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Loved the smiles found in every picture.

Janet said...

You can just see the joy, excitement, love, etc. in these pics. Need to frame the one of you and your Dad. You looked gorgeous and I'm sure your man was ready to marry you all over again!

Nice sitting with you the other night. Knew I could share with you that I wasn't ready for this "middle school" thing at church. Knew you felt some of that as well. :)

Nikki said...

*sigh* I just love weddings! What a beautiful testament of the love they share! Also, I can't get over the cupcake tower! Awesome idea! Was there an actual cake?

Joy for the Seasons said...

Love and joy are all over those photos. :)

Kellie said...

Great pictures of a beautiful day... I smile every time I see the pics.

Carpool Queen said...

Love the pic of N standing in the street in her dress - Gorgeous shot!

Bobbie said...

Gosh I love to see wedding pictures. SO beautiful....

Kelli said...

What a beautiful fun wedding! Great pics!