June 13, 2011

Monday Fun, Gettin' Stuff Done

Our first official day of summer started this morning, but since we've been galavanting around the country, the house needed some attention.

Not wanting to dampen the kids' excitement of getting a full day off, I decided to tackle the house myself.  When my daughter saw what I was doing she said she wanted to "play-clean."  Rather than giving her a long list of things to do, I told her she could clean whatever she wanted.  What's that phrase about beggars can't be choosers??

When I looked down the hall, I found my laundry cart had turned into a hotel maid's housekeeping cart.  Ah, the things kids learn while on vacation...

She cleaned/straightened all of the upstairs bathrooms, put out clean towels, and emptied the trash.  I stripped the beds and did laundry.   I love teamwork!!!

It reminded me that as a mom, nagging and complaining might get some results, but when I allow their creativity to shine, the results are amazing... and fun!

Happy Monday!!!


Tracey said...

I love this! And..so glad you are home!

Mom said...

I think I'm going to have "the maid" visit next door... How cute!