June 22, 2011

Trail's End

The last stop on our Great Tour of the Midwest was one of the most fun.  Do you know what sits on Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio?

Cedar Point Amusement Park

Home of several world record rides, including one that takes you from 0-120mph in 3.8 seconds.  That's me trying an alternative to a facelift in the green jacket:
Once it reaches that speed, it's straight up 420 ft and then straight down 420ft.  It was a wild ride.
My favorite of the day.
Needless to say, I got cool mommy points for riding that beast.
By. my. self.
We mistakenly took 2 of our 3 kiddos on separate level 5 rides (5 being the wildest).  Oops!  That kind of sealed the deal on their dislike of wild rides.  Fortunately, Cedar Point has enough to offer to everyone...

Well, everyone except those who like a clean hotel "resort" room.  Ewww... don't be fooled by the word resort.  Stick with a national chain, unless you don't mind finding hairs of various length (meaning various owners) on the bathroom floor of your hotel room.  Just sayin'

The day proved to be very educational for my kids.  Unbeknownst to us, it was Special Needs day.  Literally thousands of special needs adults filled the park.  It was precious to watch and I only had to use my "don't ask me right now" look a few times.  The kids took it in stride and made me proud.  

Our final stop was the Ohio Amish country.  Talk about a juxtaposition!  One day we were riding roller coasters, the next day we were riding behind a horse drawn buggy.  
I love America!!!


Richella said...

I love America, too! It's been fun to ride along with you through the Midwest. So glad you had a good time!

We lived in Michigan for 7 years, but we never made it to Cedar Point. Looks like that was our loss!

KR said...

My husband is going to be SO JEALOUS!! He knows all those rides by heart by watching the videos. He's considered/is considering a road trip JUST to go there!

Sandy said...

Wasn't that a wild ride? Rode it about 10 years ago! What fun! Glad your family was able to have an enjoyable vacation!

Kellie said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip! EWwwww on the resort. lol

Anonymous said...

I live in Amish Country Ohio.
And not far from Cedar Point
in Sandusky Ohio.


mandi said...

Wow! I went to Cedar Point on a church mission trip when I was in Jr. High. And I rode that crazy roller coaster! How fun to see it here!