June 30, 2011

Randomness of June

On Life:
1. I did my first baby photo session last week.  Oh my goodness.  The sweetness of a baby fresh from the arms of heaven is intoxicating.  Thanks, M, for giving me the chance to play with your new baby take pictures.

2. My two oldest have been at camp(s) all week.  We've kept little man busy with playdates and such.  Yesterday as I perused the bookstore alone for almost two hours I felt a wee bit guilty for enjoying myself so much.  Then I ordered a frosty mint coffee drink and the guilt magically disappeared.  
When was the last time I was in a bookstore to just browse?  Oh yes, I remember.  Twelve years ago.

3. Speaking of books.  This is the study I am doing this summer with a wonderful hodge-podge of women.  I mean that in the best of ways.  It's amazing how God's beautiful Word can bring hearts together.

 If you are looking for a study to do with a small group of women I highly recommend it.  Life changing.

On Food:
1. Do you have a Papa Murphy's Pizza?  Oh. My. Goodness.  We have a new favorite.  It's take-n-bake  pizza made right in front of you. $7 for a large.  $9 for xlarge.  Wanna know what my favorite is?  S'mores Dessert Pizza.  It's only $3 for a 10" right now.  It's slap-your-momma good.  (I'd never really slap my momma, by the way.)

2. Pretzel Crisps are addictive.  Especially when they are covered with sesame seeds, garlic, onion, caraway and poppy seeds.  Who needs dip when you have all that stuff?

3. I finally made it to our local WholeFoods store.  I think I'm the only person in the tri-state area that hadn't been yet.

4. I was craving pimento cheese spread while I was there, so I got a little crazy and chose the Red Onion Pimento Cheese.  Holy onion breath, batman!  That stuff is powerful.  I won't be getting that again.

On Travel:
1. It is important to wear deodorant, especially when visiting America and riding in small enclosures with other human beings.

2. It is important to stay away from garlic and curry dishes before riding in elevators with multiple people.

3. No, it is not appropriate to clear your nasal passages on said elevators.  Even though they are burning like fiya from the body odor and ode a la garleek.

4. A select few from the Detroit area think Steak and Shake is not a chain restaurant.  It is.

5. A select few from St. Louis think TGIFriday's is not a chain restaurant.  It is.

I warned you this would be random.  :)
Have a great weekend!


Bugs and Sunshine said...

i went to a birthday party last week and my friend had the hawaaiin(how the heck do you spell that, lol!) pizza with canadian bacon and pineapple-BUT she added banana peppers and (i think) sliced tomato. it. rocked.

Kellie said...

Randomness is good for the soul. Try not to burn anymore nasal passages in July. lol

Maricar said...

If (and when) I have another baby, I am taking a photo of our wedding rings with his/her/their feet. That is absolutely precious. Symbols of married love - the rings & the created life ... oh my. Amazing.