June 29, 2011


We all have areas in our lives that we want to improve upon.  My list is lengthy and as varied as the fruits at a summer stand.

One of my weaknesses is nurturing.   I'm comfortable nurturing children.  My own, yours, a stranger's.
Its the nurturing of other adults that I struggle with.  I desire to be a nurturer but it doesn't come naturally.  

When I started praying for a more nurturing soul the Lord immediately brought a friend to mind.  I've observed Ms. Dixie nurture the multitudes from babes to the elderly.  She ministers in physical ways through meals, service, and care but she also has the gift of ministering to the soul.  She nurtures in a manner that makes you feel as though you are the most important person in the world.  Your concerns are hers.  She is a helper in time of need.  Hmm... doesn't that sound like Jesus?
Not only does she nurture in times of need, she has the gift of reaching out.  I know from experience as well as countless mutual friends of her gift of  tending the flock, fostering the heart, cultivating the soil that is around her.

I'm so thankful for a friend who is a living example of Christ.  I want to be like Jesus and if it means looking a little like Ms. Dixie, I'd be just fine with that.

nurture |ˈnər ch ər|
noun: the process of caring for and encouraging the growth of another


Christina said...

This is so true of Dixie. She has loved me and our family so well. Truly a servant heart!!

ashley said...

I also struggle with the nurturing of adults. Anyone older than me, basically. I have realized that it does not come naturally for me to comfort someone who has lost a loved one, or someone struggling with something I can't quite understand. Thank you for the encouragement to pray specifically for the Lord to change me in this area!

Amber said...

Couldn't agree with you more!!! Love, Love, LOVE Ms. Dixie! What a blessing she truly is to SO many!!

Tracey said...

I heart Ms. Dixie.

I think you are an excellent nurturer. You might not feel comfortable, but no one else can tell.


Kellie said...

I also think you are a wonderful nurturer. It does take something to nurture someone older but it is so rewarding to help. The Lord has worked with me on that in many ways in the last couple of years. :)

Kellie said...

PS.... like your new font. ha!!

Bugs and Sunshine said...


Sandy said...

Consider it such a privilege to count Dixie as my BFF! I've learned so much from her & have had her as my prayer warrior for more than 16 yrs.
And you obviously have learned from her... you ARE a nurturer!