October 14, 2011

Tough Job

 Back in the spring I was asked to be on the planning committee for the women's fall retreat.  I felt guilty because of all the tasks that needed to be done in preparation, I got the most fun job: preparing the gift bags for all of the guests and leaders.
 I had a blast finding fun (but inexpensive) items for all of the ladies.   I thought it would be a good idea for all of the ladies to have the same scent of hand sanitizer so we wouldn't smell like a pumpkin threw up sweet peas and cucumber melon in the meeting room.  Imagine the surprise on the manager's face when I cleaned out their supply of Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin at Bath and Body Works.
I might have squealed in the middle of Walmart when I found these new Kleenex personal packets:

Then my two girls joined the fun in helping me put the bags together and add the ribbons.  My girls may not be in the band or on the basketball team, but they are learning that serving others can be F.U.N.  :)

They even helped me load my car:
Doncha just love the pattern on the bag on the far right?
Target, you always know how to impress a girl.
I was also responsible for the decorations (finishing touches) for the retreat.  Again, feeling guilty for such a fun job!
I had decided that fresh fall flowers would be great for the registration tables.  Of course, I waited until Thursday evening to go get the flowers so they would stay fresh for the weekend.  Maybe you're a little crazy like me, maybe not; but I had this idea in my head and the local grocery floral departments were not cooperating. My daughter and I traveled all over town looking for the right flowers.  After we finally found them, she looked at me and said, "I've never been to 5 grocery stores in one day."  Me neither, baby, me neither.  


Confession:  I don't drink milk.  Period.
I know I should but I don't like it.  Shudder.  I've been trying to figure out ways to get more calcium.  Dipping Oreos doesn't quiet reach the FDA daily recommendation.  

So I've tried to find creative ways to add more sugar to my diet drink milk.  I found these little packets in the coffee section.  When I drink one of these, I am getting a full glass of milk.  For only 60 calories, it's a great pick-me-up treat for the mid-morning sighs.

Adding a candle to the mix is optional, but I think it makes it taste better.  ;)

How about you?  Are you a milk drinker?  Any creative ways to get more calcium?


Katie said...

I am not a milk drinker either and like you I am always thinking of ways to get more calcium! Totally trying this!!
Thank you!

Lori H said...

Love the fall bags! I do love milk, but a lot of the doctors I used to work with recommended those Viactiv Calcium chews you can get at any drugstore! They have yummy flavors and are good if you have osteoporosis or need more calcium. I have sampled some and I like the caramel ones! Taste like candy...mmm

kimberly said...

Oh your posts always make me so homesick!!
Glad that you had a great time finding all of the special touches. I bet it was fun to see all of the smiles when the ladies opened the bags.
Love to you all.

Mom said...

The bags turned out beautifully & I'm sure the decorations/flowers did too (pictures?).
I like milk (even the skim), but I just forget to drink it often. I do go through a gallon by myself before it goes bad... so I guess I do drink it.

Kellie said...

Love the hardship you had... you are so creative. :)

My father was a dairy farmer and I do not like white milk. Throw some chocolate in there and I am all yours. I do have milk with my cereal but not sure that is enough. lol I will have to find those packets... they look yummy. :)

KR said...

FIRST of all, the bag was my favorite part of the weekend! It was given to me as soon as I arrived and my name was spelled correctly! I am a Spell-My-Name-Correctly snob. It made me feel so special! It was gorgeous and filled with all kinds of "treat yourself" stuff that you'd need on a retreat....candy, mints, funky pen, notepads, and of course the individual Kleenex for all the crying!! Thank you so much for doing that labor of love--for me, it set the tone for the retreat. that I was special, God loves me, other people love me to provide that gift AND put it together. It was totally my love language. Oh, and I love milk; I drink it with every single meal. I think ice cream has lots of calcium? That would be easy. Oh, you're right that would wreak havoc in other places. TUMS have lots of calcium and are cheap.

Richella said...

What fun to work on a women's retreat! It's been awhile since I've been part of a big church that does things like women's retreats. . . but then maybe our baby church should do one! We could always invite women from other churches! :)

I love the gift bags and I think you were brilliant to include Kleenex. I for one cry a lot at retreats!

Sara said...

I took three of those boxes of iced coffee mixes back with us to Belgium to get me through the packing in August! Loved them!! As far as milk, I don't love a tall glass of milk either, but I do eat quite a bit of yogurt and cheese. Lately, I've been mixing yogurt, granola and frozen blueberries! I eat that most mornings...also a little milk or half and half in the cup of joe as well :)

Mich said...

Love the gift bag ideas.

Love the fact that there is someone else out there who gets an idea of what she wants and searches the WHOLE town until she finds it. :)