October 20, 2011

Fair Weather

It's fair time in NC.  I'm not a huge fan of the crowds (and the germs) but I do love a couple of hours to take pride in my state.  We didn't make it last year, but this year I decided to surprise the kids.  
I told them it was a field trip, not a day off.  {Mean momma}  So I explained that they were expected to have good attitudes while we looked at all of the livestock, agriculture and historical stuff in the morning, and then we would spend the afternoon riding rides and eating the good stuff.

They did great with the 'tudes.  Who wouldn't be impressed by a 522lb pumpkin?   They loved the Village of Yesteryear.  In fact at the end of the day I asked what the favorites of the day were:
1. The rabbits/bunnies (I had to agree)
2. The blacksmith (in Yesteryear)
3. The "guy making the gun" (in Yesteryear, again)
Apparently I didn't have to make a stink about having good attitudes in the "educational" part.  It was their favorite!

I guess my germaphobia has rubbed off.  For lunch we played it safe and ate Chic-fil-a.  Who knew you could find it at the state fair??  No one wanted to try the fried koolaid, fried butter, or fried candy bars.  We're not super health conscious, but I draw the line somewhere.  Fortunately, my kids weren't  interested in clogging their arteries the fast way.

For the first time ever, we purchased ride tickets ahead of time.  I was armed with enough tickets for everyone to ride 2-3 rides.  After walking through the entire Midway, they all decided on the ferris wheel.  That. was. it.  
Um.... hello?  What a bout the Zipper?  The Gravitron?  The Swings??  Back in my day I rode them all.  Good grief, that sentence made me sound like an Old Fogey. I guess when you visit Cedar Point at the beginning of summer, their standard for fun rides is set a little high.  :)
We polished off the day with cotton candy, popcorn and another venture through Yesteryear.
I stood my ground when they started asking to buy a bunny.  I was a wee bit tempted by the cuteness, but don't tell my kids, mkay?
I also resisted my personal fair favorite, the Caramel Apple since they were going for $4.  Patience paid off...  I bought one at Target last night for $1.25  

What's your favorite fair food?  


Karen said...

Roasted corn!

MOM said...

cotton candy... Give me the Kilwin's caramel apples!
Looks like lots of fun was had.

Kim said...

fudge but only from the booth inside the Hobbies & Craft building!

Kellie said...

Well.. you know how much fair food we eat. lol :) Glad you got to go enjoy the moments and visit all the educational stuff. :) We spend more time at that type of stuff than the rides. Of course, I do love me the Scrambler.

Amy said...

I just wanted to say that my oldest & his girlfriend were there last Friday. They had tickets to see Skillet in concert. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ribbon fries w/ ranch drawing, fried snickers bar, mini donuts, corn, ham biscuit .... I might have partaken and enjoyed each and every one earlier this week.

Mich said...

funnel cakes...YUMMY!

Your kids are so cute!