October 24, 2011

Turning Eight

(Lego cake made by my main squeeze)
 Over the weekend we celebrated my sweet boy's 8th birthday.  Since he's my baby, I'm a wee bit more emotional sentimental than normal.  Eight sounds so big.  I asked him on the eve of his birthday if he would still give me snuggles.  I'm so glad he said yes... with a grin.

We have a rule in our house about sleepovers.  It's really to protect our kiddos.  The rule is that you have to be eight to have or go to a sleepover with someone other than family.  We feel like that is an age that our kids are old enough to tell us if something is going on that probably shouldn't be.  It adds to the excitement of turning eight, too.
So that's what he wanted to have: a sleepover... with a Lego cake, NC State University napkins, Starwars candy, and a treasure hunt kind of party.  That's a boy for
you!  Doesn't he know his momma thrives on a good theme?!

With two older sisters in the house, we've had eons of sleepovers.  I'm here to let you in on a little secret.  Boy sleepovers are much more active than girl sleepovers.  Not as much giggling and chit chat, but lots of guffaws, physical wrestling contact, and bodily noises that would make you proud.

In the quiet moments of my shower that day I had a little cry.  As my kids are getting older I am overwhelmed by how fast life is moving.  They are growing up way too quickly for my preference.  I might have begged and pleaded that he turn the clock back to 6 instead of moving forward to 8.  Yes, each age and stage is packed with goodness and fun, but sometimes it hurts a little to let go.  As I stood in the quiet, I could hardly believe that I have had the privilege to enjoy his gift of life for 8 years.  It's such an overwhelming task, this mothering.  A task so full of joy and pain, love and work wrapped up into a precious package.

As for the number 8, I'm ready to embrace it.  Right after I dry my eyes.


Karen said...

So sweet! I'm drying my eyes too!

Richella said...

You're right: it does hurt a little. The shower is a good place for a little cry, isn't it?

What a darling 8-year-old you have. It's such fun to see him enjoying life with his buddies!

Amy said...

Oh goodness, girl....don't make me cry this morning! Wait til they turn TWENTY-TWO, graduate from college, etc!! My youngest will hit THIRTEEN in January. Definitely no more babies here. LOL! But I must say, I LOVE the teen-age years & really hate it when I hear folks go on & on about how awful the teen years are. You've got such a beautiful family. Enjoy your Blessing!!

truth in weakness said...

oh my yes, sometimes it hurts MORE than a little to let go. (sheesh, way to get me all weepy!!) so many moments to cherish & savor during these precious years.

and i LOVE the multi-faceted party approach! why just enjoy one concept when you can enjoy them all at once? :)

Kellie said...

Yes, it hurts... I find that some years for me with mine being twins that I feel that even more because I always knew there would be no more. However, I am learning to embrace each year as it comes and thank the Lord for what He has given. So glad he had a great sleepover EIGHTH birthday party... I must say, I can't believe the little guy is EIGHT. I know he enjoyed his day. Tell your Hubby he ROCKED the Lego cake.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

he is such a doll!