October 11, 2011

Chicken Politics

It's voting day in our area, so I thought this was perfect.  Hope it brings a smile to your face
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Barack Obabma:
The chicken crossed the road, okay, because it was time for a change. The chicken wanted a change!

Sarah Palin:
You betcha he crossed that road, because he knew how hard it is for middle class American chickens to get across the road. Especially with a lipstick wearin' hockey mom at his heels.

Hillary Clinton:
When I was First Lady, I personally helped that little chicken cross the road. This experience makes me uniquely qualified to ensure that every chicken in this country gets the chance it deserves to cross the road.

Dick Cheney:
Where's my gun?

Bill Clinton:
I didn't cross the road with that chicken ... uh, what is your definition of crossing-the-road?

Al Gore:
I'm gonna make the world a safer place for that chicken ... no more cars allowed on roads.

Well, I understand that the chicken is having problems, so instead of having him learn from his mistakes and get hit, I am going to give this chicken a car so he can just drive across the road.

Al Sharpton:
Why are all the chickens white?! We need some black chickens around here!

Anderson Cooper, CNN:
We have reason to believe there is a chicken trying to cross the road, but we have not yet been allowed to have access to the other side of the road.

Dr. Seuss:
Did the chicken cross the road? Did he cross it with a toad?
Yes, the chicken crossed the road, but why it crossed I've not been told.

Ernest Hemingway:
To die in the rain ... alone.

Jerry Falwell:
Because that chicken was gay! Can't you people see the plain truth? If you eat that chicken, you will become gay too. I say we boycott all chickens until we sort out this abomination that the liberal media whitewashes with phrases like "to the other side."

In my day, we didn't ask why the chicken crossed the road. He just said he was going to do it, and that was good enough.

It is the nature of the chicken to cross the road.

John Lennon:
Imagine all the chickens in the world crossing the roads together in peace.

Colonel Sanders:
Did I miss one?

Oh, great, my husband's going to be looking for that chicken later.


MEEMAW said...

You are too funny--good laugh on a rainy election day. Just have to say I appreciate the freedom and priviledge to do so and the guys, like your precious brother who keep it happening.

Laura Robinson said...


Just coming in from the polls and being plastered with stickers and political postcards, I needed something a little light :) This is cute, I will be sharing it with the husband...it's right up his alley.

Melissa Pelton said...

Wow!!! that is very funny, you did an awesome job on this one, I can't decide which quote is my fav...you could have added Billy Graham sharing the gospel to the chicken :)

kimberly said...

:-) Love it!!

Renee Johnson said...

Gretchen - I just love your blog! Today's post gave me a big chuckle.

Joy for the Seasons said...

Too cute! And I find Grandpa's response resonates with me the most. :)

Jamie @ Six Bricks High said...

Too funny!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Too cute!

Karen said...

Grace and I read this together and had a good laugh! So cute!

Kellie said...


Bo said...

Gretchen, you bring smiles. :)