February 29, 2012

Dreaming (part 3)

This is a mini series, so if you've just joined us click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

The Lord knows our hearts and our desires.  We needed to make sure that our desires (dreams) were something He instilled and not our own selfish hearts seeking satisfaction.  We prayed.  Hard.
We prayed for clarity, wisdom, and direction.  We also prayed that if this wasn't in His plan for our lives, that we would embrace it.  And so, we began with that first tiny, timid step of reaching for our dream.

Our dream looked like this:
5-10 acres of land
pastures for me
woods for him
a body of water (pond, creek, etc...)
all within our current county

Basically, a place to spread our wings, use as ministry to others, and start a small farm.

We began to scour the internet for land in our area.  If you live near me you know what a challenge that could be.  Our county is pretty much full, and very expensive.  We really wanted to stay within 15 minutes of where we are currently located. Basically it would take a miracle.   Right from the start of our search we were coming up empty and we began to question our quest. 
At one point, some family land became a possibility.  It was at least 40 minutes from our current location and in an area that I am not familiar with at all.  To be honest about it, I really didn't want to move there.  But the Lord and I had a heart-to-heart and I surrendered.  It was one of the biggest acts of heart submission as a wife that I had ever experienced.  I agreed to do it.  I truly believe it was the Lord testing me.  How far are you willing to trust me?
In circumstances beyond our control, that plan fell through.  Relief flooded my soul.  I felt like Abraham after God provided the ram.

After a month of finding nothing, my husband received a phone call from someone he had only met once.  Out of the blue.
"I hear you are looking for some land."
We still don't know how he heard, but we think it might have been a guy named Michael or Gabriel. ;)
The piece of property wasn't even on the market.  It was 50 acres and he was willing to sell us a portion.  It had pastures for me, woods for him, a pond AND a creek, and it was 6 minutes from our current location.

We were in awe.  God had prepared a gift beyond our wildest dreams.
In the midst of this dream unfolding, the Lord knew I still needed to be refined.

to be continued...


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efulk said...

SOO EXCITING!!! Love you guys, and love hearing your story :) E

Amy said...

Wow....God is SO amazing, isn't He?!!! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story! ;-)

Bugs and Sunshine said...

I LOVE it! Can't wait to hear all the details!

So proud of ya'll for living in faith!

Fear keeps a life small!

Kellie said...

This is a wonderful set of posts. :)

Shannon Dingle said...

You do such an excellent job of telling a story over several posts! Can't wait to read the next one. :)