March 6, 2012

Got Game?

I thought I'd take a break from "Dreamin" and talk real life.
Playing Battleship with my brother on the parquet floor sipping Koolaid is a favorite childhood memory.  Clue, Life, Candy Land, and Connect Four kept us busy for hours on cold winter evenings.  Anything but Monopoly.

The love of games has followed me into adulthood.  Our kids love playing too.  At least once a week we have family game night.  No tv.  No phones.  No electronics.  Just laughter and family time.  This is the stuff they'll remember forever.
Some of our favorites are Farkle, Blockus, Triominos, and Sequence.  I like word games, but I'm the only one, so I have to save those for more appreciative opponents. Thank goodness for the Words With Friends app.

A few weeks ago, my brother came for a visit.  With a big grin he said, "guess what I found in Mom and Dad's game closet .... Masterpiece!"  I had forgotten one of our childhood favorites!
Doesn't the box crack you up?  We had to look because the outfits were so funny: circa 1970, older than me.  It has been the game of choice since being unearthed.  My kids love it and my husband even requests it.  Know what I love?  It's like a mini Art History lesson each time we play.  Shhh, don't tell!

Did you play Clue as a child? My kids have the newer version, but I prefer the 1972 version.  I hear there's a newer kid-friendly version, but hey, what's the fun in a good murder-mystery when there's no murder??

Speaking of original versions, this may be my all-time favorite game:
Have you ever played Othello?  It is recommended for ages 8+ but my kids started playing around age 5.  It's timeless.  Er, well except for the gaudy candlestick on the box.  Makes me snicker.

So, I want to know...
1. What was your favorite childhood game?
2. What is your current favorite game?


Anonymous said...

I'm your word game girl - anytime...
Favorite growing up games : Clue, triominoes, and Rook
Favorite games now: Rummikub, Bananagrams, scramble w/ friends, sorry

Anonymous said...

We played more cards than board games when I was young, mostly Rook. My family loves Balderdash and Apples to Apples. I also love Words with Friends and have several games going at once most of the time.

Thanks for the memories!


The Morgan Family said...

I loved clue as a child. hated operation. Now my favorite game is Mexican train dominos.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

Your game closet is SO NEAT!!!


I'm going to use your idea of a weekly game night-that's fabulous!

Kellie said...

Unfortunately, we are not game people. We were never into them much growing up and, well... that has carried into adulthood. We play Apples2Apples sometimes with friends, Scattergories and a couple of others, but overall we are not into them. Do I sometimes WISH we were... well, yes. However, I have just accepted that is not us and moved on. lol!!! I think it is great that y'all have game nights as a family and such special times as a family.

Anonymous said...

We love games!! Our favorite game as a family is Niagara. My boys really enjoy Settlers of Catan. My favorite is Scrabble, but not there's. Thankfully there is words with friends!

Kellieab said...

I love "Dirty Uno" and Monopoly Deal, though I hate monopoly. I think because it takes so long.

Melissa Pelton said...

Yes, and we have many of those too!! Ticket to Ride is a good one that our Kids love to play...It really is all about family time and fostering a sense of belonging and having lots of fun as you go along!!!

Mich said...

My cousins and I would always sit at the card table at my granny's house, with the fan blowing on us during the hot summer, playing Clue. Sweet memories.

My family also played a lot of card games.

I just cleaned my "game closet" and my daughter has been dragging her favorites out lately. I guess that is a hint I need a game night too. :)

efulk said...

Hmmm, favorite as a child? I loved Battleship and Uno. We played a lot of card games. Did NOT like Monopoly. O, however, loves Monopoly now, so I get pulled in sometimes. :) My favorite now is any kind of word games, and sumoku- trying to keep the brain sharp ;)