March 21, 2012

Family Photos

 A few weeks ago I announced that we were heading to the farm to take some family photos before the yellow wheat turned green.  As you can imagine I was named Blessed Mother and flowered with kisses, hugs, and chocolate.  Actually I named myself Queen and told them that they would have happy hearts and smiles to match; and that I get to choose everyone's clothing for the event.  A couple of girls -who shall remain nameless-  balked at first but then concurred that mom does still have a wee bit of fashion sense in her old bones.
I also reminded them (including the big man) that the better they smiled and enjoyed themselves, the faster the torture photo session would be over.
Does anyone else have to use threats/bribery for a family photo session??
Maybe it's because they are so used to me taking pictures of them without posing that they're spoiled.

We really did have a good time...  Mostly at mom's expense, but I'm willing to sacrifice for a good shot.  I wore myself OUT trying to be the stylist, photographer, and be in the picture.  There were several times that I didn't quite make it to my spot before my camera timer clicked.
Where's Mom??

Since I had to catch everyone with clean hair/teeth, I decided to break my photo rule about daylight and go right after church.  I should have followed the rule.  The sun cast funny shadows and made everyone squint.  Note to self: 2pm is NOT a good time to take outdoor photos unless it's overcast.

This ended up being my favorite family shot, but again, the shadows.  Oh well, even the Queen can't have it all.   ;)
PS.  The Queen also can't seem to stop her prince and princesses from growing.  Sniff sniff.


Tracey said...

Beautiful! Queen, you did a fabulous job with your subjects!

p.s. I love the farm already!

amber said...

Your family is gorgeous.
And so are your pictures.
And your fashion choices.

I kinda like you. A lot.

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

beautiful setting with the water & the wheat. what great memories. you wouldn't happen to know with what the queen edits her photos wouldst thou? you know since picnik is nearly dead in all.

Mom said...

I just love all of them, shadows or not!

Thoughts for the day said...

Great pictures... a nice family too.

Kellie said...

Those are great pics. :) What beautiful property!