March 19, 2012

Happy Monday, Ya'll

Life's been busy around here.  
1. We have new babies
Ten baby ducks for my daughter's birthday present.  Her daddy gave her a giant bottle of ketchup, too, and she was tickled pink.  Isn't that what every 11 year old girl wants?  Sure do love that sweet thang!

2. We took a trip to the Farmers market on Saturday.  I love the colors of nature.
We ended up with some asparagus, potatoes, tomatoes, and onion.  It's ALMOST berry season!
Seeing fresh Hot Crossed Buns made me smile.

3. We've had an unseasonably warm March.  Winter, you did me wrong this year. It was warm enough for the kids to jump in the pool.  Even though they were shivering with blue lips, they lasted about 10 minutes and claimed "it wasn't that bad."  

4. Our baby ducks and chicks have made our house a popular place.  I've loved having so many friends (young and old) come by to visit.  Makes my heart glad!

5.  We stopped by my in-laws' home and I snapped this picture of one of their old barns.  Why are rusty tin roofs and weathered wood so soothing?  I often imagine what seasons of life these old barns have witnessed.
Looking forward to a great week!
Hugs !


truth in weakness said...

drat! you mean i shouldn't still be holding out hope that we might yet still see winter? . . .

and i AGREE -- there is indeed something so very soothing about weathered wood. likely why i chose it as my blog background. wonder what that is . . . maybe b/c it conveys to me an approachability! yep, that's it -- barns have no pretense!

and happy ducklings, btw -- how FUN!

the bennetts said...

I am so there with your sweet girl- every year for my birthday my Mom would give me A1. For Christmas they would be in my stocking. When I got married she gave me an entire case for my wedding shower. So when you say your sweet man got his little girl a bottle of ketchup, my eyes kinda teared up a little :) We just love our dips!

Berry season: AMEN. I am just dying to go strawberry picking!!!!! i'll be so nice and fat bending down to get them, but I don't care. I'll get a babysitter just so I can go poke through the patches at my own pregnant pace. I'm totally drooling right now just thinking about those strawberries!

Mom said...

Gorgeous pictures!
I love your new haircut!!