March 22, 2012


My friend Meredith comes up with the best posts.  It's such a fun way to keep up with her since we live 1600 miles apart.  I thought I'd take her "currents" idea and share my own.
March Currents:
Current Indulgence: I got my hair cut on Tuesday.  I'm embarrassed to say that it has been since September.  Taking off 4 inches was so liberating!  ;)

Current Blessing: I returned home from "hairapy"  to find that my girls had cleaned the whole downstairs.  They played "sell this house."  #Whateverittakes

Current Books: Crazy Love by Francis Chan is thought provoking and causes me to really think about my perception of God.
The Hunger Games series because my daughter asked to read them.  
Pompeii by T.L. Higley.  Loved his Seven Wonders of the World series so I thought I'd give this one a try.  
Young Patriots read-aloud for our study on Colonial America.
 The Message because God's word is timeless and yet it is so refreshing to read it in the language I speak.
Current Foodavocados.  I love them sliced with salt.
Current Annoyance: basketball and diet chatter on Facebook.  I'm ready for more interesting stuff on my feed
Current Favorite: Scramble With Friends
It's like speed Boggle and Words With Friends wrapped up in one.
Current Outfit:  Jeans (because my pearly white legs are not ready to face the world) and a gauzy white shirt.
Current Love: Evening bike rides with the family

Current Need: Spring/summer shirts.  Seriously. in. need.
Oh, and white low socks.  Where do they go??
Current Playlist: It's my own little playlist entitled MELLOW.  It's a variety ranging from Alison Krauss to Sherwood to Adele to Jason Mraz and everything in between.
Current Toy:
My husband gave me an iPhone 4s for Christmas/Birthday/Valentines Day.  I didn't even think I needed one.  I have had so much fun with it.  It's the first smart phone I've ever owned and most days she is smarter than me.  She's cute, too, with her fashion forward grey/yellow ensemble.
Current Excitement: Once we sell our house, we are going to build a new home and, according to my husband, in record time.  Soooo I'm starting to pick out all the fun stuff now so we'll be ready.  Sinks, lights, doors, flooring, everything!
Current Color: green (lime, kiwi, grass, apple)
Current Accomplishment: I'm caught up on laundry for the next 37 minutes, including clean sheets.  Whoo hoo!

Do you share any of the same currents?


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I loved reading your list! No wonder I've been missing you on Words with've been playing SCRAMBLE! I'm SO bad at that game. SO bad.

I love that your kids cleaned your house for you!

the bennetts said...

oh poop! i'm one of your currents-- ANNOYANCES :) how about i hide you from my NCAA posts, i certainly don't want you to be annoyed by me ;) hehehe.

my current indulgence will match yours come sunday afternoon. that's right- last sunday you will see me with 6 inch roots. BLEH. well.. until they grow BACK out in a few weeks. so annoying. that would be my current annoyance. why does hair have to grow so fast?! my wallet can't keep up!

love your posts, glad you're back from the hiatus ;)

Learning as we Live said...

I love this! What do you think about the Hunger Games? I love, loved it!

Sarah said...

Yes! We are trying to sell as well and have a piece of property waiting to be built on. Meanwhile, pinterest has been my best friend for all my styling of our future digs. I've got it all planned out!! Just waiting on God's perfect timing to find us a buyer.

Mom said...

Interested to see what you think of Hunger Games... someone told me they didn't think I would like it (someone who read it at my house over Christmas...)

I think I'll "borrow" Meredith's/your idea & do this post on my blog instead of answering all of them on here (which is what I started to do, but realized that this is YOUR blog...)
Love you!!

Laura Robinson said...

Love this post!

OK so I'm embarrassed to say I haven't gotten a haircut since September...2010!! Yikes. I NEVER think to get it done. What's worse is my dad even gave me money to get it done because he noticed. Yikes.
Thank goodness for a good hair straightener that can curl under the dead stuff at the bottom.

Also, currently reading this blog instead of folding the basket of laundry sitting next to me. I'm trying to catch up in case baby#3 comes soon, I won't have to worry about it.

Bo said...

caught up with laudry for 37 minutes... so relate. funny.

Kellie said...

I'm currently trying to GET caught up on blog reading. I am now on spring break so this makes my heart happy. Other than that, I feel very behind on everything. lol :)