March 21, 2013

Welcome Spring

 Even though the calendar says it's officially spring, it feels a little questionable today at 39 degrees at 3:00 in the afternoon.  Spring has decided to play a little hide-n-seek in NC.  If you don't like the weather, just wait a day.  ;)
 We've pulled out the spring/Easter stuff around here.  Eggs make me happy.  They softly speak words of new beginnings to my soul.  I'm slightly obsessed with a new font in the "welcome spring" frame.  It is called "Things We Said."  You can download it for free here.

 I went with a blue and white theme for our entry way.  I feel a little rushed this year, maybe because Easter is SO early.  Oh well, my eggs are going to stay put for quite a while.

Our kids love the outdoors, but there are still days that I have to make them go outside.  Just last week these two were, ahem, needing to go out.  I told them to bundle up and go play basketball.  They not-so-happily obeyed, but before long, they were having so much fun I could hear their laughter through the window.  So I did what every normal (right?) parent would do and snuck pictures of them through the window.

They just needed a little fresh air and an opportunity to burn off some overflowing energy.
Yes, Spring, we welcome you!!


ashley said...

Love all the light blue! Such a refreshing color, isn't it? (except when it's got the word UNC on it... then it's not a good color.) ;)

Sandy said...

Great picture of the 2 athletes!

Kellie said...

Love this! :) I am so behind so forgive my absence....