March 27, 2013

New Around Here

 Our egg business is booming, so we are expanding the areas for our chickens to free-range.  We've put in a lot of hours creating fences.  I'd much rather do it now with a big jacket and gloves than when it is 95 degrees and the bugs are chewing on every inch of exposed flesh.  Nope, not a fan.
Working with the church youth group has its fringe benefits.  We enlisted some free help to dig fence posts.  My kids even admitted how fun the "work" was when it involved friends.  Their reward was playtime on the 4wheelers and a hot lunch when they finished.

Speaking of rewards, I felt like I discovered the 1st golden nugget in 1849 the other day when I happened upon these:
 Wow.  One of my favorite candy bars in egg form.  Yes, I do love spring!

We have a new set of foster pups at the farm.  They are big bundles of sweetness.  Their momma was a gentle German Shepherd.  I never knew German Shepherds could be so sweet!  Three girls and a boy.  They sure are a lot more calm that our last little yapperoos!

We are goat-sitting for my husband's boss.  Rocky and Niecy have joined the farm.
I'm not gonna lie.  Their horns scare me a little, but so far they've proven to be gentle.

Are you a  Moon Pie fan?  I'm not so much, but this coffee caught my eye the other day. I know Beth Moore loves Moon Pies and coffee.  Wonder if she's discovered this...

 Speaking of discoveries, I nearly popped a wheelie with my Target cart the other day.  My favorite Easter season candy is Cadbury Mini Eggs.  I didn't think it could get better than their crunchy sugar shells and melt-in-your-mouth chocolatey center until...
Until I discovered they are now available in DARK chocolate.
Yes, I know the package in the picture is a mess.  That is what happens when you have to crumple the package into a tiny space to hide them from your ferrel children who steal chocolate.  Most candy I'm willing to sacrifice.  Not this one.
What's your favorite candy of the season?


Dena said...

Ok this cracked me up. Twix is my fav candy bar and those little Cadbury eggs of heaven, delish!!! The puppies look so sweet. (Figured out how I found your blog, I'm a friend of Cheryl's!). :0)

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Well, you are just a wealth of shopping information today! I especially must look for the Moonpie coffee. Big fan! I love that you shared your farm with us in spring. Just something about visiting a farm in the spring... Blessings galore on yours!

Sandy said...

Didn't know of your love for either of those candies... Now I'll keep an eye out!

Kellie said...

HAHHAHA... oh, girl... you make me smile. :) Love your candies that thrill you. Love your new fencing, too. :)