January 26, 2009


Ciao!  Welcome to Italy, our last stop on the European tour.  While this is our last official tour day, I am sure that some more of my favorite pictures will find their way to the blog.

Our time in Italy was spent in Tuscany, which included these beautiful vineyards, San Gimignano, Pisa, Siena, and Florence.  In Florence, we hung out with Michalangelo,  DaVinci and all their buds.  

This is a famous courtyard/building in Siena.  We were told that a scene from the new James Bond movie was shot here, on the top of this building.  Anyone recognize it?  I haven't seen the movie yet.

Since it was winter, most of the landscape was barren.  However, the olive trees were still flourishing.  They are everywhere!  Next time you cook with EVOO, think of these beauties.

Look at these to crazies.  Standing in the rain eating...

What better way to end our tour of Europe with a little dessert?!  This stuff comes in every flavor imaginable.  It is so beautifully displayed that I wanted to eat it all... even cantaloupe, which I don't even like.  We were so desperate to taste this delicacy, that we stood out in the cold rain and enjoyed every bite.

Ponte Vecchio
One of Italy's most famous bridges, it crosses the Arno River in Florence.  It is one of the few that didn't get destroyed in WWII.  See those little houses that are on the bridge?  Those are actually jewelry stores.  Each side of the pedestrian bridge is lined with gold, gems and diamonds in every window.  

I come from a long line of strong women, see?
She can hold up the tower with one hand!

I couldn't believe how much the tower actually leans.  It has shifted 5 meters at the top! 

Check out this market.  It is one of the largest fresh food markets in Florence.  Can you imagine shopping like this each day?  The Italians (and many Europeans in large cities) shop on a daily basis, rather than weekly like myself.  While we loved the authenticity, it made me appreciate Super Target and Super Walmart, the one-stop-wonders.
It reminded me of a farmers market (indoors).  There were tons of butchers.  The meat looked so fresh!  I caught a glimpse of some very unappetizing creatures from the sea, though.  We spent over an hour in the market.  We were able to bring home a treasure from here... porchini mushrooms!  

Thank you for joining me on this whirlwind tour.  I hope you've enjoyed it (almost) as much as I have. =)  



Lacy said...

Hey friend...I sure have been missing our frequent bloggy talk. Life has taken me and thrown me into a tizzy! I love all of your pictures and you and your mom are just so cute. Amzing...maybe you could frame some for your oh so cute house!

Oh on the letter tag.....how about the letter R

Oh, no kissing hyney here but I wanted to put Gretchen as one of my 10 faves for the letter G...but I didn't know if you would think I was a bit overboard on the Love of my bloggy friend. Just FYI your pretty cool.

Susan S. said...

I justed popped over from "Notes of Sincerity" and LOVE your blog! I'm so envious that you are in Italy now. Your pics are beautiful. And I agree about the Gelato...isn't it WONDERFUL! SO pretty AND tasty! I also saw you follow Beth Moore's LPM blog and Lysa Turkhuerst. I live in Houston and go to Beth's Bible Study on Tuesday's and saw Lysa for the first time last week at a fun little thing called "Girls Night Out".

Kellie said...

Love the pics... that first one is my FAVORITE. You just make me long to go to these places even more. I am SO glad you had the opportunity to be there!

Suz said...

Your pictures reminded me so much of our honeymoon. Oh, I so remember the gelato. We ate one for lunch everyday.
And I LOVE the first B&W pic. Awesome picture.

Kris said...

I have loved seeing all your great pictures - your whole trip looks amazing! What a great experience!!! Italy looks lovely, even with all the rain!

Ashley said...

Great pictures! I'm so jealous! I too like to travel, but haven't yet made it to Italy.


Devita said...

Thank you for sharing those fabulous pictures.

Which James Bond movie? Is it from Quantum of Solace?

Rambling Girl said...

WOW...I know you had to love this place...it was just simply beautiful...now I am wanting to look things up and see how a trip would run me for at least a week...I don't remember seeing anything about Sound of Music...it is one of my favorite all time movies...Did you go where Julie Andrews is on the mountain...that is so breathtaking. Would love to see some pics of that place also if you get time and some history of Austria.