January 21, 2009

European Delights

Need I say more?

My manly man would have loved this outdoor German grill!  Just look at all that meat!

Truly one of the best things I ate in Germany.  This pretzel was soft and filled with real butter.

This was considered an 'oversized' car.  The three of us barely crammed all of our luggage in.  In fact, we couldn't have fit a 4th person, as their seat was filled with an oversized backpack.

Apparently we grow them big in the US.  Hehe!  My mom is only 5'3, so we got a kick out of the tiny door inside the city gate from the 1400's.

Some things never change.  Giving my brother a trim before he headed back to base.

This was our 6th try in holding the camera just right to capture the leaning tower of Pisa behind our heads.  We thought if we held our heads down, then the tower would be more visible. Uhh... not quite.

See, we are giants!  Look at my hand next to a 'decaf coffee' in Italy.  My poor mom ordered this on a cold, wet day, ready to sit and savor the cup.  Unfortunately, it is a one-shot-wonder.  However, since it had the consistency of syrup, she couldn't choke it down in 'one shot.'

This is the German word for EXIT, and it is everywhere.
It made my brother and I laugh hysterically.
(Some of us just never grow up.)

This is the German word for ENTRANCE.
More uproarious laughter ensued.


Mom said...

Oh what great memories! And you even grew me an inch...(I know, you are 5'2" & I'm "taller" than you, but I always measure 5'2"..just spread out a little differently!)
Thanks for sharing more of our escapades & the descriptions are great. I'm ready for some more "lunch, European style".

Amy said...

Ok, your signs made me forget whatever I was going to say! I'm still laughing and thinking that my brother and I would laugh a lot in Germany, too.

Sandy Toes said...

What fun! You and your mom look so much alike! What a fun trip!
-sandy toe

Kellie said...

HAHHAHHAHA.... love the sign shots. :)

I just love all of your pics and comments. Y'all had a blast and it shows. I am still jealous. lol :)

Shannon said...

Hilarious signs!! I think everybody has a little Jr. High humor in them. :)

Those are wonderful pictures!!

tardevil said...

Would have laughed at that too! They need to learn what that means in English! Love your background!

Kevin said...

You should try to keep a straight face in German class while learning to speak proper German when all you are thinking of is something totally not related to the class! HAHAHAHAHA

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

You had me at that first photo! Yummy pastries!

Tracey said...

Not sure what picture I liked more, the European lunch, the pretzel, or the German vocabulary...I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed the tour..please tell me there's more to come!

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

How dare you post all these drool worthy things when I just got back from the gym, and want to eat the whole house. :) Wow..they make food a luxury.

Alisa said...

What a wonderful trip! Isn't it fun to travel and experience different parts of the world? Love it! Miss you, my friend.:)