July 23, 2009

It's Magic!

A couple of years ago, my mom showed up at my door with an unexpected, just-because-you-are-my-daughter gift. When I opened the box, I busted out with uncontrollable laughter. She was giggling too, for she knew what my response would be.
"Seriously, you watched an info-mercial?!?"
"And you believed them?"
"Do you think it will work?"
I know it does.
I bought myself one too.

I thought she had lost it, until I tried it myself.
And discovered that, yes, it is magical:
This little contraption is the BEST! I use it constantly in the summer. Since I am the only person in my family that really appreciates a good smoothie, it is the perfect size. AND dishwasher safe! My mom and I have even been known to take it to the beach because of its packability.

But to appreciate its full 'magical' powers you need these:
Add a little ice and you've got:
STOP. THE. WORLD. Iced chai latte. Total cost: $0.70 Oh yeah, baby. That's what I'm talkin' about!!!

I was headed out the front door and noticed (in my weird decorating frame of mind) that my chai latte matches my Tobacco Road paint perfectly. Hmm... I think I like the paint color Iced Chai better than Tobacco Road.

Where was I? Oh yes, headed in this direction to enjoy a moment of quiet peace.
*Edited to let you know that I did not enjoy a quiet moment on the porch because when I flipped the switch for the fan, an angry mob of wasps came flying out. I guess centrifugal force isn't their thing.
Oh, and one little fun thing to share:
Aren't these old cheese boxes so cool? My dear father-in-law found them in a barn and thought of me. He's known me long enough that he knows I'll take anything old, wooden, with a little character and put it to good use.


Jen - Balancing Beauty and Bedlam said...

I am SO laughing because the infomercial just came on and my kids all said, "oh you want mom, don't you." But it was for the new Magic Bullet that is also like a food processor, blender and everything. Yep, I want one!! You think I can find one at a yard sale? hee hee...don't think so...my take, kitchen tools are a GREAT investment. I know...I have them all. :)

Tracey said...

Have I told you lately that I LOVE your blog?? It's such a wonderful refreshment in the middle of tedious lesson plans!

Praying for you as you begin your homeschool journey...I'm here if you need me!

Janet said...

That sounds SO SO GOOD!! You know...you could have posted that early this morning BEFORE I did my weekly grocery shopping. I MUST remember this for my next trip. YUM!

Carpoolqueen said...

STOP IT! I have a magic bullet AND chai concentrate. Why didn't I think to put them together?????

Excuse me. I'm going to leave now. There are drinks to be had.

Patricia said...

My Aunt bought us our Bullet a few years back for Christmas and I used it all the time
It makes everything better especially cheap drinks
I really enjoy making frozen blueberry smoothies... lots of blueberries, a little yogurt, some ice cold water and a splash of pure maple syrup!
Oh and I love the cheese boxes, not the wasps... we have them too!

Sandy Toes said...

Oh .yum!

I love the magic bullet!
sandy toe

Heather @ Home said...

This is the second mention of the Magic Bullet I have read today...must be a sign that I need to order one! :) Thanks for sharing!

whimzie said...

My mom and I have secretly been wanting Magic Bullets for years! I see a mother-daughter gift in our near future. But should I go for the new fancier one that Jen mentioned in your first comment? I hadn't heard about that one and I really need a food processor!

Mom said...

From "the smoothie queen" (AKA:Mom): 6 oz. yogurt (whatever flavor you like), 6 oz. vanilla soy milk, 6 oz. orange juice, a handful of strawberries &/or blueberries (or whatever fruit you like) all swirled in the Bullet (in the blender container that comes with it) makes a yummy, fast, nutritious breakfast/snack/lunch/etc. Add a little ice & swirl again. I put the yogurt in first, then use that container to measure the o.j. & milk. Love these for summer!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Im laughing too because I also have one! My kids love it. I dont always like cleaning up their mess but it is fun! You just made me want a milkshake....hehe. Susie~

Finding Home said...

The magic bullet is my FAAAAVVVOOORRRIIIITTTEEE informercial. As if all of those people on that commercial are friends. The lady in the moo-moo with the cigarette hanging out of her mouth? Oh my gosh, she cracks me up! "Dinnah's always a production." I so want a Magic Bullet. Your post has convinced me even more!

Amy said...

Nice! I'm sure the iced chai latte is as yummy as it looks!!